I like that boxes have themes and you can pick and choose what themes you want to get, instead of just a mash up of horror movies. Don't...

Overlook Creeper Crate

I like that boxes have themes and you can pick and choose what themes you want to get, instead of just a mash up of horror movies. Don't get me wrong I will watch all kinds of horror movies, but that doesn't mean I like all of them. (haha)

Creeper Crate doesn't disappoint in their theme selection. This month was the Overlook box, aka The Shining. If you haven't seen it, or haven't seen it in a long time, I highly recommend it. Even if you don't like the story, the visuals are beautiful and iconic.

Included in the Overlook Creeper Crate...

1. An 8x10 black and white collage print of the photo at the end of the movie along with choice scenes. This will hang in my Halloween room.

2. Room 237 keychain. There's so many theories about this room in the movie. If you are intrigued and looking to find out more, a good start is the documentary movie Room 237.

3. Wendy Pin from Demonic Pinfestation. Great attention to detail.

4. "Redrum" lip balm by Dearg Due.

5. "Come Play with Us" pillow cover.

Looking forward to next month's Creeper Creeper Crate ~ MacNeil! Reagan MacNeil to be exact!

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I'm a makeup junkie, but I try very hard NOT to be a collector of makeup. I want to use all of the things I have. What's nice about...

Glamour Ghoul January Beauty Bag

I'm a makeup junkie, but I try very hard NOT to be a collector of makeup. I want to use all of the things I have. What's nice about the Glamour Ghoul Beauty Bags is that they include makeup and skin products from cruelty free and indie companies, so I can get exposed to new brands without feeling like I made a huge commitment to use them. At only $10, it won't break the bank either! Through Glamour Ghoul I can find brands to spend my full makeup budget on that I will actually use.

Here I am unboxing the January Beauty Bag. We had some technical difficulties, I blame Vicktor but have a look see anyway. ;)

Included in the January Beauty Bag...

1. A Skeleton Hand and Bone pouch from Bloody Agorable. What's nice is it's lined in fuzzy fabric, so I can put my glasses in it if I want to, and there's a little lace pull tab on the zipper. It's the attention to detail that I love, and I can't get over this awesome fabric! You can find lots more creepy, nerdy, and novelty bags on their etsy page.

2. Apocalyptic Beauty eye shadow in Season of the Witch. Now I'm going to be honest, I'm terrible at loose shadow. It ends up everywhere, but I'm willing to try this color. I'm a fan of matte shadows and not averse to purple. The Apocalyptic Beauty etsy page has a lot more products, not just shadows to check out.

3. & 4. Medusa's Makeup Witch Lash mascara in "Black Noir" and Lip and Cheek Stain. I'm very excited to try these two out because I've always heard such great things about this company. The mascara even has the kind of wand  like, it's the rubber kind of brush! They have a monthly subscription box as well for $15.95.

5. Ginger VooDoo Healing Salve in "Back From the Grave". Goodness knows this time of year in Buffalo, NY my skin is cracked to hell, so I'm excited to try this out. It smells great too. There's also a larger version available on the Ginger VooDoo website along with body butters, scrubs and fun shaped soap.

Overall I'd say this was a great bag to subscribe to. Now you can even get an on going subscription to the Glamour Ghoul Beauty Bag here!

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As always, thanks for watching and reading!


My Ginger Rogers is a brown and white Patched Tabby cat. "Tabby" isn't a breed but fur markings! Tabby markings are the m...

The Mark of the Tabby

My Ginger Rogers is a brown and white Patched Tabby cat. "Tabby" isn't a breed but fur markings! Tabby markings are the most common color pattern for cats and are thick or thin stripes in a variety of colors. They can come in brown, silver (gray), or orange or ginger (red). Even fancy pedigreed cats are tabby cats and some cats you think are all black can have the tabby stripes if you look at them in the sun ~ all cats carry the gene but some have a modifier gene that keep the pattern from showing.

Ginger has one orange cheek and one orange front leg with some tabby brown and white points. I fell in love with her coloring when I first saw her and when I picked her up and she purred, I knew she was the one. (She hates this photo.)

All black Vicktor Frankenstein looks like he has a brown pattern in the sun.

Nearly all tabbies will have the distinctive "M" pattern on their forehead. Back in Ancient Egypt, cats were called "Mau" which translates to mean "light" or "cat". The term could be from the "M" on their foreheads, from the mau sound that they make, or from the reflective eyes. Did you know the Eygptian Mau is a direct descendant of these ancient cats?! In some cases writers call the "M" The Mark of the Scarab.

Egyptian Mau Cat.

The Classic Tabby or Blotched Tabby has a swirling pattern on it's side that might come together and resemble a bulls eye. Their stripes will tend to be thicker and the other tabbies.

Classic Tabby.

A Mackerel Tabby has thin stripes down it's side, like a tiger. There is one horizontal stripe down their spine with vertical and evenly spaced stripes elsewhere. (Hence the fishy name, the pattern looks like a fish skeleton.) They will have rings around their legs and tail too.

Mackerel Tabby.

Then there's a Spotted Tabby that can have small or large ovals or spots throughout their fur pattern. Some may be broken stripes.

Spotted Tabby.

A Ticked Tabby or Abyssinian or Agouti Cat will have light and dark colors along the same individual piece of hair in their fur with the distinctive "M" on their forehead, not necessarily striped.

Abyssinian Cat.

A Patched or Tortoise or Calico Cat will have stripes of both a brown and orange tabby.

Patched Cat.

Even though all of these cats might look different, they share the "M" 
aka Mark of the Tabby!


In  The Love Witch , the main thing to take note is that the makeup, costuming and music are excellent and the way it was filmed is remi...

Movie: The Love Witch (2016)

In The Love Witch, the main thing to take note is that the makeup, costuming and music are excellent and the way it was filmed is reminiscent of the 1960s/ 1970s Technicolor movies. The color palette is vibrant and trippy, and it's a good thing the makeup is flawless because there's lots of closeups. The clothing even looks vintage! You can tell that films of the past had a big influence in this movie. I was seduced by how pretty the visuals are...the storyline and acting on the other hand, was just ok. It touches on feminism and witches, but makes witches out to be sleazy murderers.

Eye candy...


I did some reading up on The Love Witch and most reviews call it a "black comedy". Sure it's campy, but it isn't that funny. The protagonist, Elaine Parks is a divorced widow that refuses to let her verbally abusive ex-husband go. It's implied that she caused his death. So distraught by his death, she meets up with a witch coven and becomes a "reborn witch". She is empowered with her skills and new religion even though the High Priest in charge is a sleazy scumbag. (A total reference to the patriarchal exploitation found in 1960s and 1970s horror movie representations of cults.)

Elaine's so desperate to find the ultimate fantasy. She wants a knight in shining armour to be "in love with her as much as she is in love with him" that she is perfecting a love potion to seduce and trap men. Unfortunately her potions make any of the men that drink them, get clingy and emotional ~ her ultimate turn off. Their love for her is so strong it kills them. She gets what she thinks she wants. Not only that, but she leaves her DNA all over a crime scene with rotting food. Then she finds the man of her dreams and when he doesn't fall for her spells and rituals it's flat out vengeance.

The problem with this is so many women in real life actually think that finding love will complete their lives, she's a stereotype. Just the like main character's hair is an over- the-top wig, using a spell to force love is fake. It's social commentary on women that are looking for love, so it's not that funny. It also has dialogue about women's power through sexuality, reminding the viewer that this movie is a commentary with lots of schlock. Elaine isn't looking for love, but power and revenge.

I wish the main character was more about recovering from her abuse in a healthy way. There's a voice over at one point towards the middle of the movie where she remembers the conversations of her ex-husband and father. They were verbally abusive and treated her awful and now she's using men for her own gain.

At one point she says, "When I die, I'd like to come back as a cat." So there's that.

I give this 3.5 pentacles out of 5.

Here's the trailer...

I should add that my Ginger loved it and watched the whole thing. The styling is right up her alley...cat.


Head bump, head bunting, head butting, head boop, whatever you call it when your cat head butts you, it's their version of a hug . It...

Head Butt Hugs

Head bump, head bunting, head butting, head boop, whatever you call it when your cat head butts you, it's their version of a hug. It's how they can show affection towards you as a member of their cat colony. What do I mean by "cat colony"? Let me explain.

Cats have a very sensitive gift of smell, (I blogged about kitty noses before) and they want you to smell like part of their community. They release pheromones on their head, and will rub you or sometimes they rub another animal in the household to leave scent markings. Hence head butts or the official name of this action is called head bunting. They rub objects that are important to them and if it's you, take it as a compliment!

In a multiple cat household, the cat with a higher social rank with be the only one that head butts. They are the cat that maintains dominance and leaves their scent marker.

Vicktor is the ruling cat in our house, not sure if it's because he's bigger than Ginger, or the male, but his mood swings can go to extremes. Sometimes he'll "play scratch" you and really get you, other times you can hold him like a baby and rub his belly. But when he's happy he'll head butt you, and do it HARD. Sometimes I think he's trying to knock me out. I was sitting reading once and he head butted me so hard my glasses fell off and broke ~ he must really like me.

Here's an oldie from a couple of years ago of Vicktor trying to lazy-head-butt me.

If you haven't experienced head bunting with your cat, then try bonding more. You can brush them, give them a treat, kneel down the their level and talk to them. Cats head bunt to bond with you and only do it when they are comfortable and happy. You can make it a goal to have a happy kitty!


The best part about living in Tonawanda ~ near Buffalo, NY ~ is how easy it is to drive to other cities. (I've blogged about it before ...

The Lockhart, Hocus Pocus Witchery & The Shameful Tiki Room

The best part about living in Tonawanda ~ near Buffalo, NY ~ is how easy it is to drive to other cities. (I've blogged about it before, it's great!) This past Sunday my friend Judy and I decided to take a trip across the border to Toronto. We discovered some themed places we wanted to check out including The Lockhart and Hocus Pocus Witchery and if time allowed, a must see for us is The Shameful Tiki Room.

Our first stop was the Harry Potter inspired Lockhart restaurant/ bar for brunch. Located on a busy street this little restaurant is easily lost among the hair salons and service type store fronts, but just like a land of magic you have to know where to look. Be warned it's very "cozy", and by that I mean small, but I never felt crowded while there. I really thought it would be busy, but we were seated right away at a sizeable table in the front window. The space has a rustic apothecary feel with jars and bottles on the found wood shelves. Even our table top was re-purposed from what looked like a vintage trunk. I ordered The Lockhart Standard. It was breakfast fare with scrambled eggs, homefries, spinach and marbled rye toast. Everything was tasty, but the toast was the best toast I have ever had in my life! It was so flavorful it didn't need anything on it ~ I am not joking. I'll be dreaming about this toast for a while. (I regret not taking a picture of my food.)

The drinks were equally delicious. I ordered the Shaklebolt and Judy ordered the Better Beer. The service was friendly the vibe was casual and fun.

Like most restaurants in Toronto the bathroom is in the basement and the Lockhart continued to hint at Harry Potter through the downstairs with murals and two bathrooms with chalk paint walls. Overall it was an enchanting experience. I highly recommend stopping in, even if it's just for a drink. I know I'll be back!

We planned on continuing our magical journey to Hocus Pocus Witchery. Located near where the old goth club Sanctuary used to be, I had high hopes even if it was just for nostalgia sake. 

We walked in to a retail space with lots of scented oils and a counter, a bar in the middle and walk up a couple stairs in the back to more retail space with charms, potions, BlackCraft Cult clothing, display cases with statues and figures and a small altar in the corner. There was one guy working that seemed less than thrilled to be there. He was playing industrial/ techno music and we when pulled up our stools to the bar, the song started getting harder with curse words. Personally it didn't bother me, but he switched the music to a lighter tone. Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow movie was playing on the TV above the bar. So it seemed like they are trying to appeal to a creepy clientèle.

I ordered a Salem Witch (because Salem) and Judy decided on a flavored coffee ~ she was driving after all. My drink was set down on a cute napkin, but in Andrew's words when I showed him the picture, "that's a really sad looking drink". It gets better, he handed Judy her drink in a to-go cup. I guess he really didn't want us there. Their public bathroom was in the back, behind an "employees only" curtain, down a hall. It looked like there was another room in back not being used and the bathroom had potential to be cool even if one of the stalls was out of order. I'd say this was a bust. Not sure if it's because it's new, but the space is confused...not sure if it's retail space, a bar, a place to get your tarot cards read. Oh well. Onward and upward. 

We took a detour to the Royal Ontario Museum for their Christian Dior exhibition, which was smaller than expected so we had enough time to venture to The Shameful Tiki Room. (You can read about my Dior exhibit experience in my Cats Like Us blog here.)

The tiki room is unsuspecting from the outside, but it's the closest thing to a tiki bar we have in Buffalo...literally it's the CLOSEST tiki bar we have. Dark and decorated in bamboo and thatching, walls of rum and tiki mugs ~ it transports you to a tropical island! I like the Jet Pilot Drink, but really any their signature drinks are tasty. Another must see if you are in the area. We always stop when we're in town. Do you have any themed bars or restaurants in your area? Get to exploring! I would love to hear what you find!


Lately when I go to my vet, he reminds me that my 14 year old cats are "no spring chickens". Duh. They aren't chickens at all...

UTIs, Eye Lesions, Herpes, Oral Meds & Cats

Lately when I go to my vet, he reminds me that my 14 year old cats are "no spring chickens". Duh. They aren't chickens at all, they are cats! Should this guy really be a vet if he can't tell the difference?! All joking aside, I like to think my cats have lived this long because I take them to the vet. Both Vicktor and Ginger get pills for their ailments everyday. Yep, they get oral medication.

Vicktor (the handsome black cat pictured) was the first kitty to be prescribed anything. He had a bad UTI once. It was the only time he has ever peed outside the litter box, so we knew something was wrong. Common signs that your cat is having a urinary problem are:

- peeing outside the litter box
- straining to urinate
- frequent attempts to urinate but nothing or very little coming out
- crying out while urinating
- licking the genitals to soothe them
- blood in the urine

Bladder infections are common in male cats because of the way their internal tubing is routed. They can develop a urethral plug which can be fatal. If you see any of these signs, have your cat checked out ASAP.

We took Vicktor to Emergency Care and the infection eventually went away with medication, but they told us in order to prevent another UTI he needs to take Cosequin once a day. It's a joint supplement for cartilage. The outer lining of a cat's bladder has a layer with some of the same compounds found in cartilage. The layer prevents waste from infecting the lining and Cosequin keeps that layer intact. He's been on it ever since. Vicktor is easy because he will eat anything. Even if it isn't food, if it smells like food he will eat it. Cosequin comes in capsule form. We open it up and sprinkle it in his wet food daily. He gobbles it up. 

On a side note if you have a cat and are worried about UTIs feed them wet food with a little extra water added, you can even add extra water bowls around the house to increase their water intake. It will help keep their urinary track moving because they'll pee more. You can always increase the number of litter boxes and make sure they are always clean to encourage your cat to use them. Info on how much water to give your kitty can be found here. And litter box advice here.

We had a problem with little Ginger (the pretty squinty cat pictured) last year with her eye. The one eye looked clouded over so we took her to the vet. It ends up she had an eye lesion caused by feline herpes. Cat herpes are NOT the same as people herpes. Feline herpes are like a bad cold for cats. It can't be spread to people, but it's contagious for other cats. Most of the time the symptoms are subtle but your cat can have flare ups caused by stress. The symptoms include:

- sneezing
- discharge from the nose and eyes
- pink eye
- eye ulcers
- congestion
- fever
- loss of appetite
- depression
- drooling
- squinting
- lethargy
- lesions in and around the eye

Ginger even went to a cat eye specialist! They gave us drops and meds for her eye and the lesion eventually healed, but she has to take a daily dose of Lysine. Yep, the supplement people take. Lysine helps people in a lot of ways, but for Ginger we mainly need it to help with the protein in her eyes. Recently there have been studies done and there is no evidence that Lysine can help control the feline herpes virus...but it can't hurt to continue to give it to her. (Reference here.) We buy Lysine pills and have to cut them into 4 pieces, then crush them into her food. It's a little more tedious than Vicktor's routine, but if you cut up a bunch at once and store them, it's not so bad.

Now if you have to get an oral medication routine down for your cat, what are your options? Well it depends on the medication. If the medication is a pill meant to be taken orally...

- you can crush it and mix it with their favorite food or treat
-  if you can't crush it, put it in a Greenies pill pocket
- if you can't crush it, wrap your cat in a towel to prevent them from scratching you and pry their jaw open and throw the pill in their mouth or try to get it as far back as possible and tilt their head up, but you have to make sure it gets swallowed (This can also be done with liquid medication and a syringe)
- if it's a capsule you can open it and put in food or treats
- some medicines can be compounded and flavored

Mostly you have to figure out what works for you and your cat and how frequently you have to administer the dosage. For example, if you only need to give them something three times, the towel trick might work, if it's any everyday thing, mixing it with food might work better. You may have to switch up the food you give them too so they don't get bored. As always with pets, there's some experimentation needed. If nothing works you can ask your vet for help too. Don't give up! Good luck and I hope your kitties don't need lots of meds!


This is a post on Supernatural Seasons 9 & 10. You can read my random thoughts on seasons 1 & 2 here , 3 & 4 here , 5 & 6 h...

I'm Not Afraid Of Commitment (The Supernatural Chronicles): Part 5

This is a post on Supernatural Seasons 9 & 10. You can read my random thoughts on seasons 1 & 2 here, 3 & 4 here, 5 & 6 here, 7 & 8 here.

Opening of season 9 suggests it's all about angels. Many of the episodes have religious overtones. The shower of angels are taking over people's bodies and some are looking for Castiel blaming him for being fallen angels. The season 10 opening is just the opposite with a pentagram and demonic leanings.


Sam is possessed by who they think is Ezekiel, but it's really Gadreel. Crowley gets Gadreel out of Sam, and honestly he really keeps his word for being the King of Hell!

Castiel (Cas) had his grace stolen by Metatron, so his health is failing, but on the upside Metatron winds up in heaven jail. With his grace gone, Cas starts becoming human. It's funny watching him adjust, he slept with a reaper that ended up stabbing him and Zeke brought him back to life in Season 9 episode 3. He works at the corner store and has changed his name to Steve. We even get to meet Cas's real daughter from when he was human, Claire Novak in Season 10 episode 9. She comes back briefly later on and we meet Cas's human wife Amelia too. Since Claire is technically parent-less, because Cas can't take care of her, she gets sent to live with Sheriff Mills for a little bit until she can get her life back. I think this may be a hint at a Sheriff Mills spin-off show. Cas eventually gets his grace back too.

We find out Abaddon was the last Knight of Hell created by Cain and can only be killed with the "first blade". Dean gets the Mark of Cain with the help of Crowley, so now he's the only one able to use the first blade. Dean ends up using the blade to kill Abbadon and Cain! The Mark of Cain that's burned into his arm begins to take over his mind and makes him a killing machine. I think it's perfect for hunting monsters, but Sam and Cas don't want to loose the good Dean in the process. Most of Season 10 is them trying to find a cure for the mark.

Crowley becomes a major player in these two seasons. He even brings back Dean from the brink of death and turns him into a demon. What I don't understand is that if Dean has the anti-possession tattoo, how does Crowley turn him into a demon? Does the mark negate the tattoo? Is it because Crowley is the KING of Hell? With the mark, his body is failing unless he keeps killing with the first blade, he wants to kill Metatron with it. Why don't they let him? In the end, the mark keeps him alive but only as a demon? And it's hinted that he has to keep killing so he doesn't turn into a demon. It's all very convoluted. He ends up killing a bunch of people and can't control his rage, but it's pretty awesome when he takes on the whole mafia-like Styne family in one episode (Season 10 Episode 22). I was cheering. The mark is def taking over because he kills the youngest Styne who is just a kid, and we all know how much the Winchesters always let kids go...even if they are monsters.

We meet Crowley's son and witch mother Rowena, queen of the manipulators. She replaces Abbadon as top redhead. She dresses like Elvira with amazing jewel toned floor length, backless gowns and wears a cape. She's a pretty strong witch and takes on the High Priestess of the Grand Coven and turns her into hamster. (Another Buffy reference when Willow turns Amy into a rat. Just saying.)  I love Rowena especially when she says "The Winchesters" and "Fergus", I could listen to her accent all day. Rowena deciphers an ancient spell to remove the Mark of Cain on dean's arm but in the process unleashes "the Darkness" and that's the end of season 10.

I feel like some of the episodes you can just skip until the meaty part at the end where Sam and Dean are in a constant conflict. Sam is mad that Dean didn't tell him he was possessed by and angel and Dean thinks he's always doing the right thing by saving Sam. They breakup, then they agree to hunt but to keep it strictly as business and not a family thing. That's not going to happen. Then Sam tries to save Dean by working with the baddies to remove the Mark of Cain. It's really like they are dating. They need to get on the same page. I totally understand why there's gay fan fiction about them. (Yes it's a real thing.)

Now the nitty gritty, or highlight reel...

PLUS- Sam is in a coma and Bobby and Death make an appearance in his mind! Love them. Still miss Bobby. Season 9 episode 1 "I Think I'm Going to Like it Here". Sam is taken out of a coma and healed by being possessed by an angel, Ezekiel. Dean hasn't told him. Bobby appears again in Season 10 episode 17 "Inside Man". We find out Bobby is in heaven and escapes to help find Metatron in heaven jail. At the end of the episode angels surround Bobby and the scene ends there. I wonder if they are going to send him to hell? Will he be sent to heaven jail? I want to know what happens to Bobby!

Death is back too in Season 10 episode 23 "Brother's Keeper". He is such a foodie. Dean is trying to stop himself from killing because of the mark and he offers up Sam to Death. Dean is supposed to kill Sam but (of course) kills Death instead! (Not sure if this is a "PLUS" yet, but it was nice to see him enjoying taquitos.)

PLUS- Season 9 episode 4 "Slumber Party" There's a flashback to 1935, Charlie makes an appearance and helps Sam and Dean but ends up taking off with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Game of Thrones references abound!

PLUS- Season 9 episode 7 "Bad Boys" There's a flashback with Dean at 16, as a kid in a boys home for two months. He won awards for being on a wrestling team and we see his first kiss with Robin. (Note the actors playing Sam and Dean as kids look nothing like them!) 

PLUS- Sheriff Mills is back a couple of times! In Season 10 episode 8 "Hibbing 911" we get reminded why she's great, and this episode is basically an intro to her solo series. She even calls out a fat shaming douche. She is awesome and should have her own show.

PLUS- Garth is back in Season 9 Episode 12, "Sharp Teeth". We find out he's married ...and a werewolf! They called him "an Ichabod Crane looking guy", and it's really very accurate. Sam and Dean find out he belongs to a wolf pack, they leave him there living happy. Garth says, "Who cares where happiness comes from?" Man does he have a point.

PLUS- The Ghostfacers are back in the Slenderman...er I mean #thinman episode Season 10 episode 15. It's a parody of slenderman phenomenon. These guys are usually the comedy relief and take themselves too seriously, but their relationship parallels Sam and Dean's in many ways.

PLUS- There's nun episodes. In the Season 9 episode 17 "Mother's Little Helper" we can get to see the history of Abbadon and she was a nun! Kinda interesting. Season 10 episode 16 "Paint it Black" Dean gets flirty with a "hot nun". This episode has a wonderful flashback about a 16th century painter and his muse. The old painting is actually really good.

PLUS- The trickster Gabriel is back for a minute even though he's dead... and only a minute.

Same with Tessa the Reaper. She's back for a minute, but she dies.

PLUS- Season 9 episode 22, "Stairway to Heaven" Metatron played by Curtis Armstrong is Booger from Revenge of the Nerds and there's a nice nod to that where he's called a "nerd" in the episode. There's lots of other references in this episode to Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Home Alone, and Star Wars.

PLUS- Fan Fiction episode. They show all the opening sequences thus far. There's a lot of meta episodes and this one is great! It's very funny with Supernatural the Musical being performed at a high school based on the fan fiction that's in the show. A great "break through" moment is when Dean actually stares at the camera. It reminds me of all the John Hughes movies, where the characters acknowledge that there's a camera on them.

PLUS- "Ask Jeeves" Season 10 episode 6 is set up like the board game Clue.

PLUS- Benny is back for a minute in Dean's subconscious. Season 10 episode 20 "Angel Heart".

PLUS- Season 10 Episode 13 "Halt & Catch Fire" references Shocker, Christine, AND The Lawnmower Man!

PLUS/ MINUS- Charlie is back in in Season 10 episode 11 "No Place Like Home". She is torturing people because she's split into good/ bad Charlie. What is it with bad redheads on this show?! We see that Dean has good and bad in him too and he's working through it, but he almost killed Charlie in this episode. She gets more like Willow Rosenberg everytime we see her. Unfortunately she dies at the hands of the (Franken)styne family in Season 10 episode 21. This is incredibly sad since she was such a good character.

MINUS- Kevin dies at the hands of Gadreel in Sam, Season 9 episode 9 "Holy Terror".

MINUS- "The Purge" Season 9 episode 13, I can't watching eating contests they make me want to throw up. It's starts with a hot dog eating contest. (barf) I feel like they are stretching a little bit and running out of ideas for monsters. Let's make one that sucks cellulite out of people. Gross.

MINUS- Season 9 episode 16 "Blade Runners" Snooki/ Nicole Polizzi plays a crossroads demon and she can't act, even if she's only on the screen for five minutes.

MINUS- Season 9 episode 20 "Bloodlines" seems out of place in this season. The Monster Mafia theme is weak and you can skip it. There's one character that's hinted at becoming a future hunter.

PLUS/MINUS- The Season 9 episode 5 "Dog Dean Afternoon" episode is really cute. Dean gets the powers to understand what dogs are saying, but the monster in the episode throws some shelter cats in a bag and then he EATS A CAT AND THEY SHOW IT.Oh hell nah.

There's a lot less blood splatter and now just pools of blood underneath bodies. I'm guessing it's much easier to clean up.

How did Sam break his arm in Season 10? I'm sure he broke it in real life because he has a cast on through the beginning episodes.

I really miss the opening flashbacks and rock music intros. :(