When The Neon Demon first came out last year, I really wanted to see it on the big screen, it looked over-the-top artsy with models and blo...

Movie: The Neon Demon (2016)

When The Neon Demon first came out last year, I really wanted to see it on the big screen, it looked over-the-top artsy with models and blood. Unfortunately I missed it at the theater and rented it from Netflix. (It seems I'm always one step behind on movies. Lol.) I can assure you that it's not filled with as much weirdness, horror, and model exploitation as I had hoped for, but visually it's very dream-like and there are unsettling parts throughout that would file it under "Thriller/ Horror".

***Warning spoilers ahead...

We meet Jesse played by Elle Fanning, that just moved to LA to be an aspiring model ~ she's very young and basically looks like all the other models in the movie. She meets Ruby played by Jena Malone, who befriends her AND betrays her. (I've always loved Jena Malone, ever since Donnie Darko.) Jesse becomes popular with photographers, she's very vain, and the other models hate her for it, so they eat her~ literally devouring her youth and beauty. Yes, the gore comes at the end, but you don't see it happen, just a shower of blood and a tasty eyeball.

That being said, the acting is great. All the main characters are horrible people in their own way ~ constantly wanting something from Jesse. Elle Fanning plays the perfect role of timid but needy, shy but overly confident.

The instrumental music in The Neon Demon is a character unto itself. It has a great Retro Wave/ early industrial soundtrack that fits the scenes perfectly. The soundtrack is by Cliff Martinez and if you get the DVD, watch the extras about the music. He talks about bands like The Pet Shop Boys being a big influence and you can hear it. Here's a sample...

In the dream-like sequences, the shots look like real fashion shoots. You can tell there was a lot of time put into placement, colors and angles. If you take a bunch of still pictures from the movie you'd swear they were done by famous photographers. (p.s. what's with triangles in the movies. See The Void.)

There's still a few questions left unanswered...If Jesse is successful why does she live in a dumpy motel? How did her parents die? Did she kill them? Why a cougar? (Seems random, but after watching the movie you'll understand this question.) Who owns the house that Ruby is staying at? Are the other models all in on eating newbies? Is it an Elizabeth Bathory thing? Have they killed before?

That being said, I still enjoyed it. The Neon Demon was visually refreshing and had great music, two things you don't often see in a contemporary horror movie. For a classic, Suspiria comes to mind. I'd say this movie is worth checking out even if it's just to watch pretty people doing horrible things.


I play a Crazy Cat Lady in everyday life AND the latest copy of Auxiliary Magazine ! Auxiliary is an alternative lifestyle magazine with a f...

Auxiliary Cat Lady

I play a Crazy Cat Lady in everyday life AND the latest copy of Auxiliary Magazine! Auxiliary is an alternative lifestyle magazine with a focus on fashion and music. They show the darker aesthetic of style and I am honored to be included in the Pinup Purrfection feature.

All the clothes and some accessories pictured are from my shop Cats Like Us. If you get a chance be sure to check it out! We even have a Cat Collection, so you can conveniently see all the cat things for sale in one place.

Stylist: Shannon Krampus
Makeup: Mallory Jay
Hair: Me
Photographer: Jennifer Link Photography
Dress: Retrolicious (from Cats Like Us)
Jewelry: Atomic Lace
Ears: Kim Redding-Zandi

Thank you for reading and meow meow!


I'm new to Creeper Crate, and after getting some Glamour Ghoul boxes I'm hooked on getting girly creepy things sent to my door mont...

Slasher Creeper Crate

I'm new to Creeper Crate, and after getting some Glamour Ghoul boxes I'm hooked on getting girly creepy things sent to my door monthly. Just like Glamour Ghoul each Creeper Crate has a theme ~ the July theme is Slasher, and it's nice that you can pick a regular box or deluxe box for a little bit more! (I thought I was going to be getting something Chucky, from Child's Play in the Deluxe box, but I didn't? I did contact them about it, and they said there are no Chucky items in the box this time around. Derp. No biggie. I like that they were lightening fast responsive to my message.) So let's see what's included in this deluxe Slasher box...

1. A blood splatter box, a nice THANK YOU and coupon for 10% from The Bathory Shop. I have to say I like the hand written Thank you, it doesn't take much to feel appreciated in this day and age! Thank you right back Jamie!

2. NightPear on Elm Street loose tea by Brutaliteas WITH tea bags! I have a tea infuser because I'm a tea snob, but it's great that they included some tea bags too! The Brutaliteas website looks awesome, and I'll probably be ordering some teas, they also included 10% off an order. (Side note: I recently switched from "Earl Grey, Hot!" to green tea to help some inflammation I have in my back and Brutaliteas "Judas Peach" and "Raining Blood Orange" look right up my alley. Hehehe. The names themselves make me laugh.)

 3. Bubble Bath from The Bathory Shop, named "Nancy", for Nancy from Nightmare on Elm St. A bubble bath is exactly what you need after fighting to be the "final girl". It smells like chocolate covered cherries and even had a red and green striped ribbon on top to match Freddy's sweater!

4. Terror Tarts Soy Wax Melts in Campfire Killer look like tiny Jason Vorhees heads. They smell sweet, like fire roasted marshmallows ~ I knew it smelled familiar! I don't have a wax warmer for these, but they are so cute, I'll have to get one!

5. Insulated Slasher Cup from Merch Massacre. This is super cool and I will be using it tomorrow. There's a tiny crack in the lid, but I don't think it will effect the use of the cup. (Creeper Crate said they'd send along a new one.)

6. Michael Meyers iron on patch. I need to think about what I'm going to put this on. It'll either be a purse or dress.

7. Leatherface magnet. He's even doing the chainsaw dance! I love useful horror related items.

8. Funko Freddy Krueger Vinyl Pop! Now I've avoided collecting any of the Pop! Toys, but I'm going to make an exception with this one. Freddy is my dream man afterall. ;)

Thanks for watching and/ or reading. The next Creeper Crate is Coven and I'm looking forward to see what witching items they are going to include. Stay tuned.


Ok, the second cutest thing aside from kitty noses , are kitty jellybeans. No, I'm not talking about the candy you get at Easter, I'...

Kitty Jellybeans

Ok, the second cutest thing aside from kitty noses, are kitty jellybeans. No, I'm not talking about the candy you get at Easter, I'm talking about their little paw pads on the bottoms of their feet! They totally look like jellybeans! I often wonder if Ginger and Vicktor's paws were real jellybeans what flavor would they be?

Ginger Roger's jellybeans ~ they would be strawberry or chocolate covered strawberry flavored.

Typical cats have four small toe pads and one larger one in the front and back. They are made of thick hairless skin but are sensitive to vibration and temperature. The thickness helps them to act as insulation and shock absorbers when they jump.

They also sweat through paw pads. The sweat regulates their temperature. When they scratch something they leave a scent trail too.

Cat paw pads come in lots of different colors just like noses...

Here's my friend's cat Sweet Baby Thor's jellybean...when I first saw it I thought it looks like a toasted pine nut. Do your kitties have paws that look like food?

p.s. Vicktor was being uncooperative and wouldn't let us get near his jellybeans. They are black licorice flavored.


Ok, the last Horror Block Box for June came a little late, but I couldn't be happier with what was included. I've gotten so much us...

My Fourth Horror Block Box!

Ok, the last Horror Block Box for June came a little late, but I couldn't be happier with what was included. I've gotten so much use out of the umbrella and ice pack. They are great conversation starters too. Lol. Now let's see what we have for the July Horror Block...p.s. Ginger Rogers makes an appearance at the beginning!

1. Black T shirt with a Skull  and Wings print. So happy this is black, I'll get more use out of it, and with a skull you can't go wrong.

2. Vampire pin from waxoffdesign.com, designed by Rob Foster. They also designed the "What's Your Favorite Scary Movie" pin that was included in the April Horror Block Box. The quality is great and it's already on my jacket!

 3. Gremlins Pen. This is coming to work with me!

4. & 5. Stake Land II aka Stakelander (This is a continuation of a SyFy movie.) and Late Phases: Night of the Lone Wolf. Both look equally bad. Hopefully, so bad they're good?

 6. Vincent Price wall hanging Mini Bust, limited edition, created by Rue Morgue. I LOVE THIS.

7. July/ August issue of Rue Morgue Magazine. They are the whole reason I got started on the Horror Block Box kick!

Thanks Horror Block, until next month!


After my blog about cat hairballs , I thought we could talk about something MUCH more pleasant. Can we just agree that the cutest thing is ...

Kitty Noses

After my blog about cat hairballs, I thought we could talk about something MUCH more pleasant. Can we just agree that the cutest thing is the world is kitty noses? Not only are they cute, and perfect for wet cold kisses, they are strong sniffers. Kitties have an incredible sense of smell. They have tons of scent receptors in their nose, even more than some dog breeds! That's why as babies they can still find where to nurse on their momma even with their eyes closed ~ they can smell her. Ever notice when they smell certain things they open their mouths ~ they can take in smells through their mouth too! Aren't cats the coolest? (Click photos for larger image!)

Ginger Roger's side eye and cute nose.

Just like a human's fingerprint, cat's noses have ridges and bumps unique to them. They also are used to filter the air just like a humans nose. Cat noses can be dry or wet, and cold or warm, it just varies on the cat, maybe what time of day it is, and location. Ex. If they are sitting in the sun, their nose will be warm.

Let's enjoy some kitty noses!

More of Ginger Roger's nose...

Now Vicktor Frankenstein's nose...

Oh my goodness, I can't get enough! I'm on kitty nose overload! Until next time...


I was eager to get my July  Glamour Ghoul Box in because it's C lassic Monster themed! You really can't go wrong with the classics...

Glamour Ghoul Classic Horror Box

I was eager to get my July Glamour Ghoul Box in because it's Classic Monster themed! You really can't go wrong with the classics, but I feel that this box wasn't very exciting. Also a friend of mine pointed out that the Glamour Ghoul Batty Box from May that's pictured on their website (pictured below) had a bat pin included in it. What is that little batty pin in the top left?! I didn't get that in my box! *insert sad face*

Included in the July box is...

1. Frankenstein's Monster Art Print from The Risky Rabbit. This is a detailed black and white print that I plan to frame and hang in my Halloween room. Check out their etsy shop for other black and white prints, mugs, and totebags too! This picture was made for Glamour Ghoul, but isn't really exclusive as stated on the back of the picture, it's more like limited edition and can be found here, so if you like it don't miss out!

2. My Pal Monster Pin from Lunar Crypt Co. The one I received was a black and white Wolfman pin and the colored pins were pictured on the Glamour Ghoul facebook page (pictured below). Their post read, "These adorable My Pal Monster pins by Lunar Crypt Co. will be joining all your other classic horror goodies!!! (One random monster pin per box)". I didn't get ANY of those. You can see the difference below. They have tons of colored pins on the Lunar Crypt website though. When I contacted Glamour Ghoul, they said the black and white ones were "exclusive", I kinda like the colored ones better.

3. Dracula Cup from Glam Nerd Customs. This cup was my reason for ordering the box. I thought it was creepy AND practical. I put hot water in it, then cold water in it and still NO color change in the cup. (I only knew it changed color from their facebook post.) I asked them about it and they clarified by saying the water has to be colder than ice water and a certain temperature for the color to change. I felt stupid, but I feel like the instructions should come with it. I tried colder water, and sure enough, it worked.  p.s. I don't think it's worth $12, but I'm enjoying it.

4. Creature From the Black Lagoon button from Bright Bat Designs. I've never seen the creature look so cute!  They included a sticker in the Batty Box for May that was adorable too.

5. "Blackened Beauty" Liquid Lipstick from Beauty Bar Baby ~ nice dark color, goes on matte, but isn't as drying as the Spoiled Lips one that I'm wearing. The package is pretty too.

6. Frankie Dunker from The Mad Bombers ~ packaged well and smells nice. Not sure if I'll use this since I have a blue 1950s bathtub. I'm afraid it might stain it, but a cool idea nonetheless.

As mentioned, I'm wearing the bat necklace from Murderous Jewels and lipstick from Spoiled Lips in "Charmed" from the Glamour Ghoul Batty Box that was delivered in May. Thanks for reading and/or watching, until next time!