If you've been following me, you know I like subscription boxes. I subscribed to the Glamour Ghoul Batty Box , Classic Horror and Luna ...

Glamour Ghoul November Beauty Bag

If you've been following me, you know I like subscription boxes. I subscribed to the Glamour Ghoul Batty Box, Classic Horror and Luna Box. I LOVED the Batty Box, the Classic Horror was a-ok, but I was really unimpressed with the Luna Box. As a result, I decided to take a break, and try out their Beauty Bag. It's the same idea, but with just makeup. At only $10 (plus $3 shipping), I feel like you can't go wrong! I loved this one.

Here's a speedy unboxing...er unbagging video...

Included in the November Beauty Bag...

1. An adorable black and white ghost zipper pouch.

2. Blue Raspberry Lip Balm from Rebel Rouge Labs. If you're curious about the lip balm, you can find it on their website for $2.50. It smells very light and the scent isn't over powering at all. It even smells a little herbal-y. I like that.

2. Lipstick from Spoiled Lips in "Bittersweet". I like this color. It's sort of a pumpkin shade, perfect for fall. Glamour Ghoul works a lot with Spoiled Lips and I have another color, "Charmed" from them that I love. It really does stay on ALL DAY. No joke. You can find both colors on their website too.

"Bittersweet" & "Star Light"

3. Dirty Glam Cosmetics loose powder in "Star Light". This is probably the thing I like the least simply because it's messy...or I should say I'm messy. I end up with more everywhere else than on me. This color is ah-mazing though! It's a silvery blue, super shiny, very neutral. After going to their website it looks like they are on vacation and will be back Oct 18, 2017. Ha! Um yeah, it's a month later now, better update that. I guess they don't care about sales.

4. Chirality Polish in "The Night Runner" is a nice dark shade with gold and rainbow glitter. I can't wait to try it, perfect for the holidays or anyday!

Thanks Glamour Ghoul! I think I'm going to have to try another Beauty Bag, I'm really enjoying the makeup choices. Even though lots of gals are posting them as soon as they arrive on the Glamour Ghoul facebook page, the colors and bags may be different from person to person, so it doesn't ruin the surprise ~ I like that.

p.s. You're probably wondering, "What the hell is she wearing this time?" You can get a better idea in this blog.