I'm new to Creeper Crate, and after getting some Glamour Ghoul boxes I'm hooked on getting girly creepy things sent to my door mont...

Slasher Creeper Crate

I'm new to Creeper Crate, and after getting some Glamour Ghoul boxes I'm hooked on getting girly creepy things sent to my door monthly. Just like Glamour Ghoul each Creeper Crate has a theme ~ the July theme is Slasher, and it's nice that you can pick a regular box or deluxe box for a little bit more! (I thought I was going to be getting something Chucky, from Child's Play in the Deluxe box, but I didn't? I did contact them about it, and they said there are no Chucky items in the box this time around. Derp. No biggie. I like that they were lightening fast responsive to my message.) So let's see what's included in this deluxe Slasher box...

1. A blood splatter box, a nice THANK YOU and coupon for 10% from The Bathory Shop. I have to say I like the hand written Thank you, it doesn't take much to feel appreciated in this day and age! Thank you right back Jamie!

2. NightPear on Elm Street loose tea by Brutaliteas WITH tea bags! I have a tea infuser because I'm a tea snob, but it's great that they included some tea bags too! The Brutaliteas website looks awesome, and I'll probably be ordering some teas, they also included 10% off an order. (Side note: I recently switched from "Earl Grey, Hot!" to green tea to help some inflammation I have in my back and Brutaliteas "Judas Peach" and "Raining Blood Orange" look right up my alley. Hehehe. The names themselves make me laugh.)

 3. Bubble Bath from The Bathory Shop, named "Nancy", for Nancy from Nightmare on Elm St. A bubble bath is exactly what you need after fighting to be the "final girl". It smells like chocolate covered cherries and even had a red and green striped ribbon on top to match Freddy's sweater!

4. Terror Tarts Soy Wax Melts in Campfire Killer look like tiny Jason Vorhees heads. They smell sweet, like fire roasted marshmallows ~ I knew it smelled familiar! I don't have a wax warmer for these, but they are so cute, I'll have to get one!

5. Insulated Slasher Cup from Merch Massacre. This is super cool and I will be using it tomorrow. There's a tiny crack in the lid, but I don't think it will effect the use of the cup. (Creeper Crate said they'd send along a new one.)

6. Michael Meyers iron on patch. I need to think about what I'm going to put this on. It'll either be a purse or dress.

7. Leatherface magnet. He's even doing the chainsaw dance! I love useful horror related items.

8. Funko Freddy Krueger Vinyl Pop! Now I've avoided collecting any of the Pop! Toys, but I'm going to make an exception with this one. Freddy is my dream man afterall. ;)

Thanks for watching and/ or reading. The next Creeper Crate is Coven and I'm looking forward to see what witching items they are going to include. Stay tuned.