There's a special tradition in fall that my husband and I have been doing for about 10 years, it's The Great Pumpkin Farm in Claren...

The HOTTEST Great Pumpkin Farm

There's a special tradition in fall that my husband and I have been doing for about 10 years, it's The Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence, NY! At first we would just try to get to the farm any Sunday in fall. Each weekend has a theme and we've been there for the great pumpkin weigh off and opening weekend, but our favorite weekend to attend is Oinktoberfest. It's a BBQ competition with BBQ vendors from around the area. Of course there's other food, games, rides, and pumpkins everywhere. It's just a fun autumn event that gets you in the Halloween spirit, at least that was my hope...

They have quirky drawings everywhere that I love!

Giant tower of pumpkins. 

I'm going to share something with you dear readers, I was married on Halloween ~  it's my favorite holiday ~ but this year I'm not feeling it. I'm not sure why either. I put out my Halloween decorations last weekend as a prequel to the Pumpkin Farm. Normally we put up a Halloween themed Christmas tree as a kick off to the Halloween season and leave it up through the end of December. This year we decided to nix that and put out fewer Halloween decorations, just as a change of pace. We have a Halloween room in our house, so many of the decorations stay out year round anyway. Everyday is Halloween.

Andrew and I and scarecrows! 

The past 6 years we've gone to Oinktoberfest weekend and invited our friends Elizabeth, Jason and their kids. It's one of the few times we see them, and honestly it's more fun with excited kids running around. This year a bigger group of us met up there and had fun eating BBQ, going on the hayride, feeding the animals and enjoying cold beverages. The Great Pumpkin Farm keeps improving and they've decreased their Halloween decor gift shop and increased their concessions to include beer from 12 Gates Brewery (their pumpkin pie beer is yummy!) along with Halloween themed mixed drinks! I should also mention it was 90 degrees and humid out, perfect cold beer weather. This could be my problem. IT'S TOO HOT for fall. We've gone when it's 40 degrees, we've gone when it's insanely windy, we've gone in rain and always have a good time. Now we can say we melted at The Great Pumpkin Farm.

Great pumpkin farm with great friends.


Vicktor Frankenstein ~ my big black cat ~ never really purred that much. I always thought it was because he's bitchy, now that he's...

Why Do Cats Purr?

Vicktor Frankenstein ~ my big black cat ~ never really purred that much. I always thought it was because he's bitchy, now that he's getting older, he purrs much more, especially when I hug him. So what makes a cat purr? Believe it or not, there's no real answer! There's still only theories on where the sound comes from. Some doctors say their throat, some say the central nervous system. Wow, cats really are a mystery!  One thing we sort of know is WHY they purr...

Momma cats will purr as a homing device for their kittens, since kittens are born blind and deaf. The vibrations guide the newborns to warmth and food.

Cats will purr when they are content. Is your cat curled up in a ball sleeping and purring? Ginger Rogers is the perfect example of this. I can just look at her and she'll start her low rumble purr. That's pretty normal. It means they are happy.

Cats will purr when they are hungry or want attention, but it will sound slightly different than their normal purr ~ almost baby sounding. Vicktor is ALWAYS hungry so this may be why he purrs more now.

When cats are injured they purr as a form of healing. There is research that suggests the low humming vibration will help sooth bones, wounds, muscles and ease inflammation and breathing by releasing endorphins. Vicktor also is starting to show signs of arthritis. He doesn't jump up on the counter all the time like he used to. I think his joints are bothering him, so this could be another reason he's purring more.

Oh and there's benefits for YOU as a cat owner too! When your cat is happy and purring, they can lower your blood pressure and help relieve stress. Don't you just love cats?!


I've been trying to catch up on my social life after suffering with laryngitis for three weeks. What have I been up to you might ask? We...

Catching Up on Life: It, Dancing, Hocus Pocus & Clubbing

I've been trying to catch up on my social life after suffering with laryngitis for three weeks. What have I been up to you might ask? Well needless to say I'm still on a Lil Bub high after meeting her, and I've been going out! Don't get me wrong, I'm still an introvert and love my "me time" which I've been using to read, It by Stephen King. (Side note: I forgot how long this book is! Ugh. Any other book I would have read in a day, this one is going on two weeks. If only I didn't have to work....*sigh*. Haha. I did see the new movie It and enjoyed it. The new Pennywise has a bit of a wonky eye, so he looked more goofy than scary to me. He was very computer generated. It also looks like parts of it were filmed for 3D. All the child actor's were outstanding, and they really fit A LOT of story from the book into the movie. I'm curious to see if the second part of the movie will have lots of flashbacks of the kids back story or just focus on them as adults.)

In addition to going to the movies, my friend Joy asked if I was going to the 1980s Dance Party at Mohawk Place Friday night ~ a local haunt in downtown Buffalo, NY ~ I said, "I'll go if you go!" and we went. My friends DJ-ed and they played all the hits. They even threw in a Siouxsie and the Banshees song! I was wearing a Siouxsie T shirt, so of course I had to get on the dance floor. Joy and I danced the night away... well until I did the math and figured out how much sleep I could run on the next day for work. I was home by 2am, and at work by 9am the next day, so I thought that was really good.

That Saturday night, after working, I was pooped. Andrew ~ my hubs ~ and I stayed in and watched a movie that I had never seen before... Hocus Pocus (1993). I know, I know, it's a Halloween classic, blah blah. I'm more into blood and guts and less Disney, so I never really got around to watching it. Plus it came out when I was in high school, so I was a little older and not the demographic anyway. With all the promotions for the Hocus Pocus costumes you can buy for Halloween this year, I thought I'd see what the hype was all about. The movie is very dated, and the acting is terrible, BUT it is well written for a kids movie. EXCEPT the black cat dies and changes back into a child. It would have been better if he stayed a cat. I don't need to watch it EVER again, but I'm glad I did.

The next Friday I went out again! (Two in a row might be a record for me. It's hard running a business and working long hours and finding the time for yourself. I'm slowly learning to make time.) I knew I had to go out because my friend Dani would be there and it might be the last time I see her before she moves out of town. A small group of us went to Snake Dance ~ the monthly goth night at a place called The Underground. It's more known for being a gay bar, they have a nice dance floor (when the drunk Whoo-Hoo guy isn't hogging it), but the bathrooms are gross...not in a horror movie way, but in a people being scumbags way. I try to not use them if I can help it. It was nice to dress up, see friends, and listen to great music.

I'm wearing my necklace from the Creeper Crate Coven Box from Sparkle Monster.

We are the weirdos: Meagan, Dani, Jodee & I.

That's what I've been up to for now (in addition to work, oh and I'm also getting my front porch replaced.) Once I'm done reading It I'll have more spare time to blog again. Be sure to follow my updates on the Fluffy facebook page. Thanks for reading!


I've been following Lillian Bubbles, or Lil Bub for about five years on facebook . Who's Lil Bub you might ask? Just the cutest ...

Lil Bub & I FURever!

I've been following Lillian Bubbles, or Lil Bub for about five years on facebook. Who's Lil Bub you might ask? Just the cutest celebrity cat you have ever seen. Her look is a bit unusual since she was born with some deformities and osteopetrosis a bone disease. She was never expected to run or jump, but with a little love and care from her owners she's doing just that! Such an inspiration to not give up on your pets. Imagine my excitement when I heard she was making a stop in Buffalo, NY!

When I was sitting on the couch, her meet and greet event popped up on my facebook feed and I actually screamed. Andrew said, "GO, you HAVE to get a ticket." Tickets were $125 a person. I saw some people hem and haw about the price. I was happy to pay it to meet Lil Bub ~ not only was there a meet and greet included in the price, there was a Bub themed menu provided by the host The Black Sheep, Community Beer Works made a custom Bub beer called "This Bub's For You", and you got a take home exclusive Lil Bub throw pillow from LiLiPi Pets, PLUS 100% of the proceeds went to benefit homeless pets! I'd call this a win-win.

Once I bought the ticket and told my friend Jodee, she felt compelled and said, "Lil Bub? I'm in!"

The day arrived and we waited in line outside at The Black Sheep Restaurant. There was about 100 cat people if I had to guess. We were ushered around the side of the building and had our names checked off one at a time. Lil Bub was in a separate back room of The Black Sheep. Only a few people were let into the room at once. As we got closer, we were given hand sanitizer and instructed to turn our phones to "selfie-mode". We were allowed to pat Bub twice on the head. 

Oops we really were a Cat Lady Gang, we unexpectedly wore the same Cat Lady sweater. (You can find it here.)

Jodee, me, and our cats ears. We appeared to be the only crazy cat ladies. (I'm always looking in the wrong spot.)

When Jodee and I entered we saw Lil Bub on Mike's (her owners) lap and I think we almost died of cuteness. She's a small tabby, like my Ginger Rogers, but she has a long skinny tail, something you don't see in many of her pictures online. When it was my turn to sit down next to Mike and Lil Bub she started to get a little wiggly. He said she either wants to get in the sun or has to poop. He set her on the floor, she took a few steps and stopped. Sure enough she had to poop. (I guess she was nervous to meet me too.) He scooped her up and put her in her portable rubbermaid litter box and she pooped like a trooper. Then she came back and I got a picture with her. She is the most calm cat ever. I asked Mike if he gave her calming treats beforehand and he said nope, this is just Bub. So really what you see in all of her online videos is just her being a cool, chill kitty. I told him I was a crazy cat lady and he said so is Lil Bub! I almost died again.

Lil Bub being wiggly.

Lil Bub business.

Mike, Lil Bub & me!

Once my Lil Bub selfie was done, I was given the free pillow and sent down the hall to the merch table and buffet. Lil Bub has a lot of merchandise for a kitty! I picked up some socks and a T shirt. The food and beer were delicious. When Jodee and I were done trying all the nibbles, we poked our head back in Lil Bub's room to say Good Bye and Thank you, and Mike was gracious enough to walk Lil Bub over for one last picture.

Lil Bub pillow.

Some socks and a T shirt I picked up.

This Bub's For You beer!

Bye Bub. :(

We hopped in my car and headed home...well I headed to work...on a Lil Bub high. This is going to take a couple of days to live down. Just saying "Lillian Bubbles" makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I saw that Lil Bub raised $5000 on her trip through Buffalo, and I'm so happy that I was a part of it. I hope Mike and Lil Bub come back again. Mike, If you're listening, my store Cats Like Us would be happy to host you two!


Being subscribed to a bunch of boxes, you want to keep track of them so you actually get what you paid for in the mail. Many times you ...

My Fifth Horror Block Box - NOT!

Being subscribed to a bunch of boxes, you want to keep track of them so you actually get what you paid for in the mail. Many times you pay well in advance, trusting that the company will provide you with the box of surprises you paid for. Well SURPRISE! I didn't get a fifth Horror Block Box even though I subscribed to a 6 month plan. Yes, WTF was my response too! I went to the Horror Block Box website that takes you to a link that is completely misleading and looks like this...

I call bullsh!t. Their facebook page hasn't been updated since June 19, 2017. I contacted Rue Morgue about the missing subscription since they include their magazine in the boxes and they responded quickly with an email to address what's going on. They were kind enough to offer a discounted Rue Morgue subscription to Horror Block Box subscribers, something they shouldn't have to do. GO RUE MORGUE, THANK YOU! (YES AT THIS POINT I'M ANGRY TYPING).

Rue Morgue wrote on their website:

"It’s with a heavy heart that we confirm that the rumours are true: Horror Block is no more.

The mystery box subscription service enjoyed tremendous popularity over the last few years as the idea of exclusive horror content and collectibles at a reasonable price (with an element of surprise, to boot) proved deliciously appealing for horror fans, and Rue Morgue was pleased to partner with the subscription service to include our magazines and Library entries among their offerings. Alas, the company has dissolved, leaving Horror Block subscribers bereft of their goodies and, more importantly, their monthly dose of Rue Morgue!

We here at the magazine feel for all those subscribers left out in the cold, particularly since many of you have come to rely on Horror Block for our products...."

You can read the whole thing here.

I am SO very disappointed AND I'm out of two months worth of Horror Block Boxes. I even wrote about how excited I was to get the Horror Block Box! I guess like all things, I was behind and should have subscribed to them years ago when they were thriving. They included such great horror themed goodies that's prob why they went bankrupt! Or so that's the rumor. Grrrrr. I REsubscribed to Rue Morgue Magazine and hopefully that will be enough to help me with my horror movie fix. I guess I'm over being angry, now I'm just mournful. :(


On our grand road trip across New York State Andrew and I visited Salem (you can read part 1 & 2 ), The Edward Gorey House Museum , the...

Cat's in the Kitchen in Canandaigua

On our grand road trip across New York State Andrew and I visited Salem (you can read part 1 & 2), The Edward Gorey House Museum, the Lizzie Borden Museum Bed and Breakfast and Cats in the Kitchen. Cats in the Kitchen is a MUST STOP if you are ever in Canandaigua, NY near the Finger Lakes.

Look off the beaten path of Main St. and you'll find Cats In the Kitchen. Located in what looks like an old gas station, it's tiny but jam packed with kitchen stuff including vintage cookbooks, aprons, appliances, pyrex, and everything in between from the 1930s -1970s, EVEN gifts for the cat lover! You'll find cat figurines, mugs, calendars, aprons, and catnip cigars to take home to Fluffy. We never leave empty handed and the prices couldn't be beat. Cook books are buy one get one 1/2 off too.

Well this is the last blog about our epic road trip. I hope you enjoyed reading the others. Now to get into the full swing of Halloween!!!


On the way back from our Salem road trip (you can read part 1 & 2 ), and the Edward Gorey House , Andrew and I stopped in Fall River, M...

The Lizzie Borden Museum Bed and Breakfast

On the way back from our Salem road trip (you can read part 1 & 2), and the Edward Gorey House, Andrew and I stopped in Fall River, MA to see the Lizzie Borden Museum Bed and Breakfast. We weren't sure if this was going to be a stop along the way home, seeing as their last tour of the day is at 3pm, but we got there with even a little time to spare!

I'll admit the location is a little odd, it's across from a big giant beautiful Catholic Church, but other than that, the neighbourhood seems a little sketchy. We took a walk around the block because we had some time to kill (ba-dum-ching) and there were people screaming at each other swearing on the sidewalk, so we made our walk back to the house pretty quick.

The The Lizzie Borden House is big and imposing and there's a tiny parking lot in the back with a barn, to the side you'll find an enclosed ring of bushes and benches you can wait on, and a smaller building where you can purchase on-the-hour-tour tickets and kitschy Lizzie memorabilia. We purchased tickets for the last tour of the day with a tour guide named Jack. The workers are very knowledgeable and seem invested in the building and Lizzie's plight as a strong woman being stifled by her mean and detestable father and his new wife. The guides try to give you background of her time and what she may have gone through. I noticed Jack even has a neck tattoo of an ax with the name Lizzie under it, so you know that's dedication!

Now the story is a lot of speculation and nothing was ever proven, Lizzie was acquitted, but the little evidence found leads to her killing her father and step mother via ax. Did she do it? I feel like she did. Some of my friends that I have told about the Lizzie Borden House, asked me if it was creepy and if I had any "encounters". I didn't, BUT there was an overwhelming feeling of sadness and frustration that I felt on Lizzie's behalf. It's hard to explain, I felt angry for her.

 Crime scene photo of Andrew Borden.

Crime scene photo of Abby Borden.

The house has been functioning as a Bed and Breakfast since 1996. The whole house is decorated as it would have been during Lizzie's time and you can stay over night in one of eight Victorian styled bedrooms, including the one they found the body of her step mother in. They also offer a warm breakfast reminiscent of what would have been served the morning of the murders. Personally, I wouldn't stay overnight ~ not because I'm afraid of ghosts, but because I feel it's disrespectful. I think the spirits need to rest. Her story was sensationalized across the world and everyday it's repeated at her house. What you don't hear is about her philanthropy, which I think is much more important.

Once she inherited money from the case, she donated it to the local animal shelter, and the tour guide mentioned that she created scholarships for minorities to attend college. In her will from 1926 she wrote, "To the Animal Rescue League of said Fall River the sum of thirty thousand dollars, also my shares of stock in the Stevens Manufacturing Company. I have been fond of animals and their need is great and there are so few who care for them." It is said that the animal shelter is still getting funds from that trust! Not $30,000, but more like $5,000 a year. That's still pretty good! Side note, Lizzie had three Boston terriers and a cat named Blackie and her photo hangs proudly in the animal shelter to this day.

Lizzie and one of her terriers.

She's not crazy, just frustrated and she had a good heart. (I imagine that's what people say about me.)