Of course I'm a fan of horror and have subscribed to the Horror Block Box , (You can see my unboxing videos here and here ), but I was ...

Glamour Ghoul Batty Box

Of course I'm a fan of horror and have subscribed to the Horror Block Box, (You can see my unboxing videos here and here), but I was wondering if there was a subscription service geared more towards ladies. I stumbled upon the Glamour Ghoul Box because a friend of mine tagged them on Instagram. I was thrilled to find out that they focus on cruelty free makeup and have a different theme each month ~ May is Batty themed!!!! Whoot! I feel like I won the jackpot, I love bats. Here's ~ dorky me ~ unboxing my first Glamour Ghoul. (p.s. Ignore my chipped Wonder Woman nails.)

So let's see what's included for $30 plus shipping...
1. Crazy Bat Lady Totebag from Glam Nerd Customs. According to the packing list (which I have to say it's nice that they include one) it says this tote is $14. That seems like a lot. I have the same totes at my shop and we give them away. They are no where near $14.
2. Lipstick from Spoiled Lips in "Charmed". Dries thick, a really nice shade too. (Pictured below, along with the eye shadow.)

3. Bookmark from Gorejess Laboratory. Super cute and handy! I like useful things. ;)
4. Sticker from Bright Bat Design. They have so many other adorable designs too!
5. Necklace from Murderous Jewels. If this necklace wasn't enough, they even have bat earrings to match on their etsy!
6. Loose eye shadow from My Pretty Zombie in "Contagion". If you look closely, there's bats on the tub ~ adorbs. I have a hard time with loose powder because it gets everywhere, but I think if I always apply it with a primer I should be ok. This shade is crazy sparkly. I really like it.
Ok, so that's a quick summary. Now I'm off to order the July box of Classic Monsters! Thanks Glamour Ghoul!