Sunday, January 21, 2018

Head Butt Hugs

Head bump, head bunting, head butting, head boop, whatever you call it when your cat head butts you, it's their version of a hug. It's how they can show affection towards you as a member of their cat colony. What do I mean by "cat colony"? Let me explain.

Cats have a very sensitive gift of smell, (I blogged about kitty noses before) and they want you to smell like part of their community. They release pheromones on their head, and will rub you or sometimes they rub another animal in the household to leave scent markings. Hence head butts or the official name of this action is called head bunting. They rub objects that are important to them and if it's you, take it as a compliment!

In a multiple cat household, the cat with a higher social rank with be the only one that head butts. They are the cat that maintains dominance and leaves their scent marker.

Vicktor is the ruling cat in our house, not sure if it's because he's bigger than Ginger, or the male, but his mood swings can go to extremes. Sometimes he'll "play scratch" you and really get you, other times you can hold him like a baby and rub his belly. But when he's happy he'll head butt you, and do it HARD. Sometimes I think he's trying to knock me out. I was sitting reading once and he head butted me so hard my glasses fell off and broke ~ he must really like me.

Here's an oldie from a couple of years ago of Vicktor trying to lazy-head-butt me.

If you haven't experienced head bunting with your cat, then try bonding more. You can brush them, give them a treat, kneel down the their level and talk to them. Cats head bunt to bond with you and only do it when they are comfortable and happy. You can make it a goal to have a happy kitty!

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