Let's talk about the past two weeks. I got my first COVID shot, work has been insane with people wanting to sell me vintage items, my ca...

Pumpkin to the Rescue! (For one thing at least.)

Let's talk about the past two weeks. I got my first COVID shot, work has been insane with people wanting to sell me vintage items, my car got inspected and needs repairs, our garage roof is leaking and will need to be repaired soon, Andrew and I had to go to the dentist, and we had to take Vicktor kitty to the emergency vet. Of course he was sick on a weekend and we had to pay twice as much. He wasn't pooping or peeing for a day and he didn't want to eat. With Vicktor that's an enormous red flag! 

We went to the emergency vet on Friday at 9:30pm and had to sit in our car because they won't let you go in because of COVID restrictions. We sat outside for three hours. We found out he has a bladder infection, his little penis was swollen, and there was a small blockage in his large intestine. Let me back up a little... Vicktor has a history with bladder crystals, so we give him Cosequin daily to maintain his bladder. 

The vet sent us home with liquid antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory, and Cat Lax. (I can't make this name up. It's a cat laxative for hairballs to keep his intestines moving smoothly.) They also told us to feed him pumpkin for digestion. Yep, solid pack plain pumpkin. There's enough fiber in it too help with hairballs. You can feed it to cats in their food twice a day. It's one of the safe human foods to feed cats, and dogs. (About 1 full tsp per meal for an adult cat.) Some cat food even has pumpkin already added. We've been adding warm water to Vicktor's wet food, so he gets enough liquids too.  

We've been keeping an eye on him and so far he's pooping small nuggets and peeing. I never thought I'd be so happy to come home from work to a full litter box. There's a reason we call him "poo kitty" and the pumpkin seems to be helping.

p.s. going for my second covid shot tomorrow, a little nervous.


I have some exciting news, or at least it's exciting to me. I'm a contributor to Auxiliary Magazine ! Auxiliary Magazine sounds fam...

An Auxiliary Announcement!

I have some exciting news, or at least it's exciting to me. I'm a contributor to Auxiliary Magazine! Auxiliary Magazine sounds familiar right? That's because I've written about them before! I mention them in the Feline Fancy Palette blog from April 2017, I modeled for them in the Spring 2017 issue as a Cat Lady, and in the Oct/ Nov 2015 issue as pictured below. 

Photo by Jennifer Link.

Now I can say I not only modeled for them, but I write for them! If you want more current movie reviews be sure to pick up the Spring 2021 edition, where I review Antebellum, Saint Maud (highly recommend), encourage you to re-watch Midsommar this spring, and I'm included in a "Contributor Spotlight". 

Where do I find the time? I'm not sure, but if you ask anyone that knows me, they know I haven't slept in years!

Hey look- it's me!

Here's more info. on the latest issue taken from the Auxiliary website....

The Spring 2021 Issue is the fifty ninth issue of Auxiliary, a magazine dedicated to alternative fashion, music, and lifestyle. It is available as a PrintDigital, or Preview Edition. This issue features Gaiapatra on the cover and a Profile feature interview.

It features an interview with makeup artist Roshar, an interview with Black Angel, an interview with 6XT7, an interview with Vesmedinia, a Beauty Spotlight on Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, a Designer Spotlight with It Is Known, an Artist Spotlight on Marion Green, and Emerging interviews with Alice Gift, Bedless Bones, and The Secret French Postcards. It also includes a Unique Homes feature with Lauren Franz-Maurer, a Unique Ingredient feature, a lunar fae Style feature illustrated by Ulorin Vex, a Must fashion feature with Open the Cellar Door, spring beauty picks, our spring Auxiliary List of of all things new and noteworthy, fashion editorials featuring Lip Service and Crisiswear, music reviews, and book and movie reviews. Plus it features photography by Bryce Hall, Jennifer Link Kieffer, Saryn Christina, Wil Foster, Laura Dark Photography, Infinite Imagery by Natasha Sachi, Dani McGraw, and more. And fashions and beauty by Bluebella, Disturbia, Dr. Martens, Fluevog, I Do Declare, Jane Doe Latex, Killstar, LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs, Martha Rotten, Michelle Ɯberreste, Noctex Cosmetics, The Night of the Witch, Rock ‘n Doll, Rogue + Wolf, Sisters Of The Black Moon, Thistle and Spire, T.U.K., Urban Decay, Valley Eyewear, WonderlandMC, and more.

Auxiliary Magazine Spring 2021 Gaiapatra Teaser
You can purchase it here.