I am working my way through the Supernatural TV show ~ yes, ALL the seasons available on Netflix. You can read about my thoughts on Season 1...

I'm Not Afraid of Commitment (The Supernatural Chronicles): Part 2

I am working my way through the Supernatural TV show ~ yes, ALL the seasons available on Netflix. You can read about my thoughts on Season 1 and 2 here. I'm still told by friends/fans it gets better and I've finished seasons 3 and 4. Ok, I'm ready for it to improve. Warning there's a couple spoilers in this post. I'll start with the minuses.

MINUS- My thoughts so far...I'm still not happy with the portrayal of women. Why do all the women die or are bad/ demons?

You have Bela Talbot who's a total bitch, but she dies by the hands of hellhounds. So I feel like that's justified.

Poor Pamela the psychic looses her eyesight, then dies by getting stabbed.

There's Anna who was a fallen angel, then she isn't an angel and sleeps with Dean, then she is, and gets sucked back up to heaven.

Tessa is a reaper.

Ruby, also a demon, that's blonde and then she's a brunette and having sex with Sam, until Dean comes back from hell. She's one of the few women on the show that lives through seasons 3 and 4...until the last episode of season 4.

There's the demon Lilith, in the body of a child, that's opening the doors to the apocalypse. Oh wait, then she's a woman. Seasons 3 and 4 are based around stopping her.

I'm told the female characters get better. My hope is that there is a woman that doesn't die and that isn't evil.

MINUS- Is there no chapstick in heaven? Because the angel ~ Castiel ~ has some dry crusty lips!

(Ok, so I don't have that many minuses, but the bad writing for female characters is BIG.)

PLUS- The recap at the beginning is smart. There's A LOT of story lines throughout, so it helps remind the viewer what happened and what the next episode will be about.

PLUS- I really enjoyed the last episode of season 3, when Dean is taken to hell. The glimpse of where he's left hanging has a Hellraiser feel with him strung up by meat hooks. Don't worry he gets out ~ resurrection, a-la Buffy the Vampire Slayer style ~ digging himself out of the ground, but his experience was hellish. It's also nice that he has flashbacks of this hell experience throughout season 4 and basically says he was ripped apart every day. He finally explains that he was told if HE rips apart other peoples souls, they'll stop doing it to him. Dean agrees to torture others, but only after 30 years. (Time is sped up in hell.) This makes sense why he never wants to talk about it. He says, there are "no words" for the torture he endured. Well played Supernatural. His hell is really awful and an interesting version.

PLUS- The music has def improved. (Thank goodness.) Here's some musical highlights...

Season 3, episode 9 "Malleus Maleficarum" features "I Put a Spell on You" by Screaming Jay Hawkins.

Season 4, episode 2 "Are You there God? It's Me Dean Winchester" features "Lonely is the Night" by Billy Squier. This was an unexpected surprise. There's a lot of 70s and 80s rock in the show, but man I haven't heard this song in a long time.

PLUS- There was an episode called "Monster Movie", Season 4, episode 5, that was in black and white and featured all the old Universal monsters.

PLUS- They don't take themselves too seriously. This was at the end of the episode 6 "Yellow Fever" in season 4. (Completely unrelated to the show and episode. It's funny!)

PLUS- I should also mention my cat Ginger loves Sam. When he's on screen she perks up, I think it's because he always sounds like he's whispering. Did anyone notice that or is it just me? Here's Ginger and her boyfriend Sam...

As in all the seasons, it's still raining or damp or snowy. Brrrrr. I'm going to put another pair of socks on and repeat, "I'm not afraid of commitment, I'm not afraid of commitment...." On to seasons 5 and 6.


  1. LOL Ginger. Interesting that you've heard from so many people that it gets better as it goes on. I've always felt the beginning of the show is way better than the direction it takes later. It's true.. There are a lot of lady demons in the show! I always did like Jo and Ellen's characters though. It's been a while since I've seen the show but I always thought it was great to see some strong bad ass women like them. Also later on there's another character that comes on board named Charley. I think she's awesome too.

    1. We'll see. I'm struggling getting through season 5. Lol.