If you've been following my blog, you know I'm working my way through the Supernatural TV show. (You can read my random thoughts on...

I'm Not Afraid of Commitment (The Supernatural Chronicles): Part 3

If you've been following my blog, you know I'm working my way through the Supernatural TV show. (You can read my random thoughts on Seasons 1 & 2 here and Seasons 3 & 4 here, along with Ginger Roger's crush on Sam Winchester.) ***Warning there's a lot of spoilers in this post.

MINUS- I have to say a lot of Seasons 5 and 6 have the same problems I mentioned before i.e. no good female characters. In the beginning of Season 5 Ellen & Jo are back. Yay! They are worthy female characters but unfortunately they sacrifice themselves to the hellhounds for the Winchesters and die. Boo. Then there was a teaser episode when they were both back in an alternate dimension, but that only lasted one episode, then they were dead again.

MINUS- I feel like I'm watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer again ~ not that it's a bad thing ~ but I expect some new ideas from Supernatural. At the end of season 5 Sam jumps into hell to save everyone and avoid the apocalypse, but first he beats up Dean, but has flashbacks of growing up with Dean. It was very Buffy when Zander snaps Willow out of it with the yellow crayon story. OR when Sam came back from hell without a soul, also known as Buffy coming back from heaven wrong. OR when Samuel collects monsters to question them, just like the Initiative in Buffy. OR The "Mother of All" aka The Master from Buffy. Ok, I'm done. If you're not a Buffy fan you need to watch it. It's only 7 seasons compared to Supernaturals 13.

MINUS- Season 6, episode 16 "...And Then There Were None" This is by far the worst Supernatural episode ever. (I feel I can say this after watching 120 of them.) The dialog, storyline, and acting is terrible. It's def one you can skip.

MINUS- Get poor Castiel some chapstick. ~ I mentioned this before. I know they film in Canada where it's cold, but damn.

PLUS- The plot of Season 5 in a tiny nutshell is to find God and kill Lucifer. Unfortunately Sam is Lucifer's vessel and Dean is the Archangel Michael's vessel. Eventually they are poised to fight each other in an epic apocalyptic battle. (Isn't that always the case?) So there's a lot of Sam and Dean acting more like a couple that's dating then a monster killer team. It works. They play off each other very well. Season 6 is Sam is back from hell, fighting monsters with his grandfather Samuel, but he's different and soul-less. Then the "Mother of All" gets raised and they have to fight her.

PLUS- Again they are sticking with some funny episodes between the more serious ones. Some great ones are...

Season 5, episode 5 "Fallen Idols" has a cameo by Paris Hilton, there's James Dean's car and even an appearance by Abe Lincoln! (Well not THEE Honest Abe, but you get my drift.)

Season 5, episode 8 "Changing Channels" Sam and Dean are stuck as characters on rotating TV shows. They are placed there by an angel that wants them to assume their roles for the apocalypse.

Season 5, episode 9 "The Real Ghostbusters" takes place at a Supernatural fan convention.

Season 6, episode 5 "Live Free or Twihard" showcases Sam and Dean finding out Twilight fans can be easily lured by vampires.

Season 6, episode 15 "The French Mistake" is the ultimate show within a show. The Winchesters get sent to an alternate reality where they are themselves on Supernatural. What they know about demons and is not real. Puts a new spin on it.

Season 6, epsiode 18 "Frontierland" is really fun and the boys get to go back in time to the Wild West. I found this episode to be very creative.

PLUS- Some of the more serious episodes flesh out other characters. There's a whole episode from Bobby's perspective, Season 6, episode 4 "Weekend at Bobby's". There's one for Castiel too, Season 6, episode 20 "The Man Who Would be King".

PLUS- Crowley is introduced and you can't really tell if he's good or bad yet. He gets Bobby walking again and gives the Winchesters the colt revolver to kill Lucifer.

PLUS- There's a Buffalo, NY episode!!! I should mention that Buffalo looks nothing like it's pictured. Lol.

PLUS- The Four Horsemen's rings are needed to put Lucifer in hell. I love the Death horseman actor. He plays a witty role and loves good food. He also gives Sam his soul back.

PLUS- I'm still enjoying the opening sequences and recap. It can be hard to keep track of everything going on. (I'm looking at you David Lynch and Twin Peaks: The Return.)

PLUS/ MINUS- We get to see what Dean's "normal" life would be like without Sam, but with Lisa. Lisa is cool in the beginning, she understands that Dean is a hunter, then she gets annoying really quick by all of a sudden not being ok with his lifestyle. So that started off good.

There needs to be a drinking game....take a shot when Sam and Dean get killed and when they actually drink on the show. It happens A LOT. Excuse me while I grab a beer...