Sunday, July 23, 2017

Kitty Noses

After my blog about cat hairballs, I thought we could talk about something MUCH more pleasant. Can we just agree that the cutest thing is the world is kitty noses? Not only are they cute, and perfect for wet cold kisses, they are strong sniffers. Kitties have an incredible sense of smell. They have tons of scent receptors in their nose, even more than some dog breeds! That's why as babies they can still find where to nurse on their momma even with their eyes closed ~ they can smell her. Ever notice when they smell certain things they open their mouths ~ they can take in smells through their mouth too! Aren't cats the coolest? (Click photos for larger image!)

Ginger Roger's side eye and cute nose.

Just like a human's fingerprint, cat's noses have ridges and bumps unique to them. They also are used to filter the air just like a humans nose. Cat noses can be dry or wet, and cold or warm, it just varies on the cat, maybe what time of day it is, and location. Ex. If they are sitting in the sun, their nose will be warm.

Let's enjoy some kitty noses!

More of Ginger Roger's nose...

Now Vicktor Frankenstein's nose...

Oh my goodness, I can't get enough! I'm on kitty nose overload! Until next time...

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