Sunday, March 29, 2020

COVID-19 & In Fabric (2019)

Ok, I've been laying low because of all the chaos that's going on in the world right now with COVID-19. We are truly living in a real life horror movie, that being said I've had to close my storefront Cats Like Us and get to posting every single thing we have in our stockroom on our website so customers can continue to shop and we can have money coming in. It's not a perfect situation, but it'll have to do for now. That means I've been busier than normal behind the scenes running my business, so forgive me for not blogging more! I hope all of you are well and taking precautions.💓

Last night I had a chance to watch a movie I've been meaning to see...In Fabric (2019). I always said that if I ever wrote a horror movie, I would write about what I know ~ clothing retail. This movie is about a killer dress...and by "killer" I don't mean fabulous, I mean it actually kills people!


In short, the movie follows a cursed red dress that travels from person to person.

What I found interesting was the store, Dently and Soper, that sells the dress and it's proprietors. They are dressed in outfits inspired by turn of the century full mourning dresses, speak in riddles, wear wigs, practice cult-like rituals on their creepy anatomically correct-ish mannequins, and that instead of a fitting room they have "The Transformation Sphere". Are the workers part of a cult? Not sure, but they are definitely eccentric. Do they control the dress? Also, not sure. But one thing I do know, if you wear the clothing you sell at work, you are more likely to sell it. They ~ in no way ~ wear what they sell. It's so out of place among the ho-hum customers, the juxtaposition becomes funny. The customers are complete savages though, crowded at the shop doors waiting for them to open...daily. (Ok, I admit, I'm a bit jealous of that. Maybe I should start a cult and more people would come to my shop? Yes? No?)

The red dress is very pretty, flattering on everyone that wears it, it's completely indestructible, slinks around on it's own, floats in the air, "watches" you sleep, and spontaneously combusts. All that from a LRD! (Little Red Dress)

I won't give much more away except that the dress is worn by three people in the movie and the same thing happens to all of them, but be sure to watch it until the end. Then ask yourself, are they in hell now? Or was their life on earth hell?

The visuals and soundtrack are what interest me too. Vintage fashion ads interspersed between creepy mannequins with no eyes, the odd storefront, and the red fabric. The flowing red fabric is reminiscent of David Lynch movies and the psychedelic swirls and colors, eroticism, abstract piano notes and synthesizer soundtrack, and directing have a bit of a throw back to the gaillo films. Overall I give it four mannequins out of five for weirdness. I like weird.

Here's the trailer...

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Cat Video Fest 2020

I had such a great time at Cat Video Fest 2019, I was keeping track this year to make sure I didn't miss Cat Video Fest 2020! It was held again at the historic North Park Theater in Buffalo, NY. I went with my friend Andrea and we went early to visit with the Ten Lives Club cats that were up for adoption in the lobby.

Meow playing! (p.s. my cat hat is from Lumpy Buttons.)

100 Year Restoration of the North Park Theater! It is really IS historic!

A kitty striking a pose in the sun.

The cat fest is a wonderful light-hearted and fun film that combines popular viral cat videos into a movie. It has educational parts as well as funny, and appeals to a wide audience. There was lots of kids with parents when we went. (No, I didn't murder any of them. How could I? They're potential crazy cat people!)

The movie featured a lot of the kitties we know and love and even some new ones like the dynamic duo of Cole and Marmalade, sweetie Juno the Blind Cat, the cartoon Simon's Cat, and Halloween costume shopping with One Eared Uno. There was a tribute to Lil Bub too! I admit, I teared up.

But the best part was in the beginning when they featured a video of local cats and my Vicktor and Ginger were included! I submitted this video of giant Vicktor kneading little Ginger. My cats are famous! (Well, not really, but I like to think they are.)

The Cat Video Fest raises awareness of cat organizations in need and a percentage of the ticket sales go towards local animal shelters and cat welfare organizations. So if you are able to see it, I highly recommend! Here's the trailer...

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Scream Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street (2019)

I found myself haunting The Screening Room again to see Scream Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street (2019), a documentary about Nightmare on Elm St. Part 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985) and it's underlying gayness, or at least that's what I thought it would be about.

In preparation for the documentary, I re-watched Nightmare on Elm St. 2. I remember watching it back around the time it came out, probably at a sleepover party on VHS. I was unimpressed and didn't understand why it stood out so much from the other Nightmare on Elm St. movies. I know I didn't like that it was a possession-type movie and it truly changed the dynamic of Freddy Krueger. To be fair, I was young. Seeing it now, I caught all the homoerotic clues and it's a no-brainer that it's a gay horror movie. I was happy to see male butts and not boobs like so many 1980s horror movies! I'm still confused as to why everyone is so sweaty though. lol.

I read that originally producers had such an unexpected hit with the Nightmare on Elm St. movie, they were in a rush to make a sequel and they were planning separate stories for each movie with the only connection being Freddy Krueger. They ended up switching gears ~ when the second film was a bust ~ and brought back fan favorite final girl Nancy for the third installment, (which I admit Nightmare on Elm St. 3: Dream Warriors (1987) was always my favorite.)

So back to Scream Queen: My Nightmare on Elm St., it revisits part 2 through the eyes of the main actor Mark Patton. So it's less about the movie, and more about him. Mark was cast as Jesse Walsh and this role was meant to further his acting career, but the problem was the gay subtext. He felt it ruined his career and he vanished from show business all together. Little did he know, he shaped fans idea of what a heroine is and gay people finally found representation in horror through his character. Jesse was a final boy.

In real life Mark Patton is gay. He knew he was gay from the age of 4, but that never stopped his acting career... in the beginning. He was in movies, shared the Broadway stage with Cher, and starred in a bunch of national commercials. He was the "All-American" boy. The timing of his first starring role in Nightmare 2 was bad. In the mid 1980s the AIDS epidemic was taking over the media and we were still learning about it. The media associated gay people with AIDS. Gay actors went back into hiding because of the shame and Hollywood was fearful of people learning about all the gay actors. Mark is HIV positive. So really the subtext of Nightmare on Elm St. Part 2 was dangerous for Mark as an actor.

The writer of the movie explained that at the time, in 1985, the real horror was being gay and having AIDS, not some slasher gimmick. He tried to manifest homoerotic horror in the movie through the relationship Freddy and Jesse have. It's almost a love story where Jesse transforms into Freddy.

Looking back on my experience with horror movies ~ just off the top of my head~ Sleepaway Camp (1983) stands out as introducing a character that you're not sure of their sexual orientation. *SPOILER* You think the main character is a girl, but you find out at the end they have a penis. So the question is, are they a cross-dresser? Are they transgender? You don't really know. Another one is The Lost Boys (1987). The character of Sam always seemed very feminine to me. He even has a picture of Rob Lowe on the wall of his room and wears a "Born to Shop" T shirt, but it's never ever addressed. Really it's "all don't ask, don't tell." In my opinion ~ in the real world ~ it's no one's business anyway.

In 2010, the documentary Never Sleep Again: the Elm St. Legacy (2010) came out, and producers wanted to include Mark Patton. They had to hire a private investigator to find him. (fyi- If you plan on watching Never Sleep Again it's about 4 hours. I was not prepared for that when I started watching it.) They found him living in Mexico off the grid. He's now an artist and owns a little shop.

In 2015 he followed the horror convention circuit because he finally realized his contribution to horror movies. He's finally taking the fame and using it to become an advocate for HIV awareness. He's back in the spotlight and changing the conversation about LGBTQ+ in horror.

I'm a fan of documentaries and I found this one to be thoughtful and interesting. Mark Patton gets "his truth" out and even gets closure from the writer of Nightmare on Elm St. Part 2 for derailing his career. The opening animation was was wonderful too.

Here's the trailer...

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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Fluffy's 3rd Birthday GIVEAWAYS!!!!

I just wanted to THANK YOU for following my blog. I've slowed down writing them a little, but I'm still here! This year for my anniversary I'm doing TWO giveaways!!!

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Good luck and I'll be picking two winners at random on Monday, March 9 and they'll be contacted via Facebook.