Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Vested Gentress Cats

My job at Cats Like Us often requires me to do some research on brands and products, especially now that we are carrying true vintage clothing and accessories in addition to just retro. (Retro is new clothing in vintage styles.) The other day I came across a vintage dress online that had a funny cat print all over and the brand was Vested Gentress. I've come across this brand before but never thought anything of it until the cat print caught my attention. (I'm a bit of extremes, either pink and fuzzy or dark and spooky. I have a problem with cat clothes. I blogged about it before.)

This is the dress I saw, available online here.

Vested Gentress was a husband and wife team ~ Bud and Naomi ~ from Valley Forge, PA. Bud was a very good doodler and had some cartoons published. He started a men's clothing line and screen printed vests made-to-order in his home bedroom for some big names like Ambercrombie & Fitch. They played around with a women's line and eventually dissolved the men's line. The women's clothing was official in 1961. Many of the early animal drawings were designed by Bud. The big Newfoundland dog that was part of their hang tag and featured on many prints was actually their real-life dog named Briney Bear. 

There was an activewear line that was sold in country clubs and a kid's line too! They advertised in The New Yorker and even had four storefronts along the east coast. Some of the designs were exclusive to the shops. How exciting...and collectible! The company closed in 1985, after Bud's passing. 

Now I want to go out and find all their cat dresses. I have a new mission. Send help. Lol.

Here are some other fun designs...

I love them all. I hope you enjoy the whimsical style and wear what makes you happy!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Cat Cafe Anxiety

We finally got a cat cafe! The Purrfect Cat Cafe opened in Buffalo last year and Andrew and I decided to check it out. It wasn't exactly what we expected. We made reservations online for a certain day and time, and picked the afternoon "Nappy Time" because it was discounted at $5 a person, per hour. We filled out a waiver and read all the rules. I brought slippers otherwise you were supposed to wear the ones provided. I also brought a book thinking it would be lazy time with the cats, not so much!

We got there and there was no cafe part ...yet, just a cat room side, which was fine. They are working on the cafe side. We went in and were told there are ten cats roaming around! There was about five other people there too. I only found seven cats, but I'm sure the others were hiding in a back room somewhere. The room had lots of toys, places for the cats to climb, a bunch of chairs, and two love seats. It's also a mini gallery with local artist cat paintings.

(Side note: We had four cats once and one didn't get along with the others so I couldn't imagine ten cats getting along in the same room!)

Andrew petting Geno at the cafe.

In the hour we were there, two TV's were going and music, two cats hissed and swatted at each other, one cat I tried to pet scratched me, and another tried to bite me ~ but that time I prob deserved it. So it wasn't easy to curl up with a book and a cat. On the contrary, it was stressing me-ow it. If I was a cat I'd be over stimulated and hiding the whole time. It made me feel bad for them.

BUT we did see a kitty get adopted out. They are provided by the Ten Lives Club. So I think it's a good place, but personally I found it unnerving. With the new cafe part going in, I'll be content just to snack and look through the windows at the kitties.

We'll stick to Nappy Time at home with Vicktor & Ginger for now...

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Spring 2019 Pusheen Box w Special Guest Jodee Bowie

Time is just flying by and here's the next Pusheen unboxing video! Listen to Jodee and I ramble about gumdrops, Happy Death Day, and drink a refreshing libation. (Recipe below.)

1. Pusheen Fanny Pack.

2. Exclusive Plush Pusheen wearing a hoodie. Look at those little arms!!!

3. Roller skating vinyl Pusheen.

4. Pusheen socks.

5. Magnetic key holder. This was a weird one. I feel like it didn't fit the theme.

6. Wooden block calendar.

7. Jump rope. True story: the only time I sprained anything was jump roping as a kid. I was about 10 and sprained my ankle. Never jump roped again.

8. Yoga towel. This is great because I do yoga and don't have one!

9. Windbreaker.

Black Currant Drink recipe from the video:

Blend in a pitcher

1 cup creme de cassis
2 cups lemonade
1 1/2 cups vodka

Fill a glass with ice. Then pour the above mixture over ice filling halfway and top with sparkling plain or lemon water and a lemon wheel.

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Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Movie: Pet Sematary (1989)

So I'm going to admit something dear readers... I never saw the original Pet Sematary (1989) all the way through or read the book. I've seen bits and pieces but I never understood the hype or cult following. I should preface this with I don't really like kids therefore I don't like horror movies with little kids. (Nope never saw Child's Play all the way through either.) AND who wants to see a dead cat? Not me. Definitely NOT appealing to me. I've been reading a lot about the Pet Sematary remake, so I thought maybe it was time to see the original. After all, resurrecting dead things is perfect for Easter weekend!

***Spoiler Alert***

Starts off like so many horror movies, the Creed family moves to the country to start over. There's Louis the dad, Rachel the mom, Ellie the daughter and Gage the son. Within the first few minutes the whole movie is set up. We meet Jud the neighbor from across the road, who cautions them about the heavy semi truck traffic and that they should fix their cat so it doesn't wander into the road and get hit. The cat is named Winston Churchill or "Church" for short. He's beautiful and gray. (Side note: It IS true that if your cat is neutered it's less likely to wander off familiar territory.)

Jud shows them that the path by their house leads to the Pet Sematary. It was created and cared for by the nearby kids as a place to remember their pets and "a place where the dead speak and rest".

Louis is an emergency room doctor and the first day at work he can't save a man that got hit by a truck. The dead man comes to him in a dream and warns him about the place beyond the Pet Sematary where the soil is "sour".

Louis gets left home alone for Thanksgiving while the rest of him family goes to Chicago. Ellie has a dream that Church dies. She's also getting warnings from the dead guy. He's really an angel guiding them but Louis doesn't seem to listen...AT ALL. Church does get hit by a truck and ends up frozen to the ground on Jud's lawn. They show the dead cat and them peeling him off the ground and putting him in a garbage bag. Gah! No wonder I never saw this movie!!!

Jud suggests burying Church beyond the Pet Sematary and Louis does! Even after the warning and seeing the ceremonial stones on the Indian burial ground. Well needless to say, Church comes back but he's not the same and reeks of death.

We find out that Rachel had to care for her dying sister who had spinal meningitis. Rachel was only 8 and resented her sister and was happy when she died. Some people say her sister is the scariest part of the movie. I wasn't impressed. She was creepy, but sickly. Sickly people don't scare me. 

Next up Gage gets hit by a truck and dies. Jud now warns Louis that a man came back from the Indian burial ground an abomination and they ended up burning him and his family down aka don't bury your son up there.

But of course, Louis buries Gage in the Indian burial ground. You'd think he would have learned! Gage comes back evil and kills Jud in a gruesome way ~ slices his ankle and face and bites his neck. Props to the director for actually showing it! Gage kills his mother and then tries to kill his dad, but Louis gives both him and Church a lethal injection. Louis leaves with Rachel and burns the house down, only to bury Rachel in the sacred ground...AGAIN! He's convinced she's more fresh and will come back the right way. Well she comes back and kills his dumb ass. 

Sometimes dead is better. Sometimes never seeing a "classic" horror movie is better. So now there's no one that we know of that knows about the burial ground and Rachel ~ the monster ~ is on the loose. It's a parable about life. Getting what you wish for isn't always the best option.

I watched the extras and it was based on Stephen King's life. The house in the country, the path, the cemetery, the dead cat were all things he experienced! I think that's the coolest part of it. I also like that they used real cats and the child actor to act evil not some dummy or stunt double. I say it's an average horror movie, 2.5 fluffy gray cats out of 5. (Although I would take care of 5.)

Another side note: What's up with the Ramones song Pet Cemetery? You can read about it here.


p.s. Why did all the horror movie trailers from the 1980s have the same guy doing the voice over? hahaha.