Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Overlook Creeper Crate

I like that boxes have themes and you can pick and choose what themes you want to get, instead of just a mash up of horror movies. Don't get me wrong I will watch all kinds of horror movies, but that doesn't mean I like all of them. (haha)

Creeper Crate doesn't disappoint in their theme selection. This month was the Overlook box, aka The Shining. If you haven't seen it, or haven't seen it in a long time, I highly recommend it. Even if you don't like the story, the visuals are beautiful and iconic.

Included in the Overlook Creeper Crate...

1. An 8x10 black and white collage print of the photo at the end of the movie along with choice scenes. This will hang in my Halloween room.

2. Room 237 keychain. There's so many theories about this room in the movie. If you are intrigued and looking to find out more, a good start is the documentary movie Room 237.

3. Wendy Pin from Demonic Pinfestation. Great attention to detail.

4. "Redrum" lip balm by Dearg Due.

5. "Come Play with Us" pillow cover.

Looking forward to next month's Creeper Creeper Crate ~ MacNeil! Reagan MacNeil to be exact!

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