It's the 10th anniversary of one of my favorite Halloween horror movies Trick 'r Treat . I was so excited that Creeper Crate was do...

Trick 'r Treat Creeper Crate

It's the 10th anniversary of one of my favorite Halloween horror movies Trick 'r Treat. I was so excited that Creeper Crate was doing a Trick 'r Treat themed box I ordered it pretty much when it was announced! I blogged about my love of the movie back in July. You can read about it here.

The video is a little rushed because Vicktor was being bitchy and trying to eat everything, BUT if you notice I'm wearing a sweater that would make Willow Rosenberg from Buffy proud! (There's a whole tumblr page dedicated to her terrible fashion choices!) p.s. Can you guess how many black cats there are in this video?

There are 4 black cats, one is on my sweater, one is a plush stuffed animal behind me, one is a pillow with cat faces and one is Vicktor.

As always the Creeper Crate packing is premium! The box is covered in blood splatter, and has a nice Thank You note from the owner. Included in the box are...

1. "Follow the Rules" Wax Melts from Terror Tarts in the shape of Sam's costume head and his face. They smell SOOOO good, like pumpkin spice, but don't eat them!

2. Sam laser cut acrylic necklace from Sparkle Monster. The other necklace I reference is from the Coven Creeper Crate. You can see me wearing it in this blog. Both are super reflective and detailed. It's hard to get a picture without me being reflected in it. Check out Sparkle Monster for other great designs. She even has a $5 sale section!

3. Samhain bar of soap from Dearg Due. The image is taken from the movie. This smells tasty too.

4. Sam socks! They have an all over print, are shaped like tub socks, and feel like a poly/cotton blend. The design is very colorful. (There was no label for them.)

5. A Sam Action Figure from ReAction Figures. I've read about these but have never seen them in real life. (I don't get out much.) My little guy was out of the bubble card, but he comes with a tiny removable sucker and he's posable!

Unfortunately I wasn't one of the 75 to get the print, but a friend of mine did! It looks like this...

Thanks again Creeper Crate! I placed my order for Jan (Overlook Theme) & Feb (MacNeil theme).

Reagan approves. (Halloween 2013).

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