It's BAAACCCK. We started watching Season 14 of  Supernatural  to Ginger's delight .  (She has a giant crush on Sam.) You can read...

I'm Not Afraid of Commitment (The Supernatural Chronicles): Part 8

It's BAAACCCK. We started watching Season 14 of Supernatural to Ginger's delight. (She has a giant crush on Sam.) You can read my thoughts on 1&23&45&67&89&1011& 12 and 13.

Ginger is happy to be watching Sam again.

When we last left Supernatural Archangel Michael had inhabited Dean's body and he left in search of monsters and angels. The monsters he experimented on to make enhanced Uber vamps, werewolves (like Buffy), and dijinns that are impervious to their previous threats. Michael sets tham as traps for hunters, making a monster army that does his bidding. The angels he tries to figure out what they really want.

Lucifer was killed, but the body of the human Nick remains and he goes on a revenge rampage trying to find out more about how he got tangled up with Lucifer. Spoiler: A cop that was possessed by a demon killed his family.

Jack is trying to cope with being human and not having powers. He visits his mom Kelly's family to find out more and feel connected. He also shows prowess on solving cases without his powers giving Sam and Dean confidence that he will be a good hunter. He wears down his soul and in the end dies.

Sam is in charge of a hunter network while trying to find Dean. He over extends himself managing all the people in the bunker.

Mary finds out about the death of Bobby's son and they decide to take a sabbatical because Bobby needs more to life for than just hunting. When are these two going to finally get together?! In the end she ends up with her husband.

PLUS S14 E3 "The Scar" Michael leaves Dean's body and we don't know why. Come to find out through one of Michael's memories that Dean's body was stabbed by dark Kaia and it left a scar. The guys team up with Jody Mills (Yay Jody is back!) because she tells them that they are finding a bunch of monsters with the same scar Dean has. Dark Kaia is trying to kill the uber monsters.

PLUS S14 E4 "Mint Condition" This was such a fun geeky episode because you get to see Dean being goofy. It's Halloween and Dean is watching his favorite scary movie in his room, meanwhile at a local comic book shop a life size figure of the same villain from the movie comes to life and starts attacking people. Bonus: the ghost possesses a small Thundercats figure. I wish the life size figure could have been from a real horror movie. I'm sure Robert Englund would have agreed to it! Also it's hinted that the ghost isn't really gone. Classic monster of the week Supernatural episode.

PLUS S14 E7 "Unhuman Nature" As a Nephilim, (part angel, part human), Jack's body is fighting itself and Rowena is called in to help cast a spell to save him. In the meantime, Jack wants to live life to what he thinks is the fullest, so Dean teaches him how to drive Baby and they go fishing. It's cute. Jack ends up dying anyway.

PLUS S14E8 "Byzantium" They call in an angel expert to bring back Jack. Jack is in heaven with his mom, and Cas goes there not realizing "the empty" has taken over and is killing angels because it wants Jack. Cas makes a pack with the empty for it to take him instead of Jack. The empty says it will take him when he's at his happiest. Jack get brought back by the angel expert because of his human soul, she exhausts herself and dies. So much death.

PLUS S14 E9 "The Spear" Michael wants the Spear that dark Kaia has because he knows it can hurt him. Michael is now inhabiting a woman and he wants to transform Kansas City. He's using the uber monsters to kill hunters and make more monsters. Garth goes undercover and is forced to drink the blood blended with Michael's grace serium to become an uber wolf. I'm glad Garth is back, I always liked him. Michael destroys the spear. What I don't understand is why they didn't bring the spear expert dark Kaia with them to fight Michael if she did it before? With the spear gone, Michael goes back into inhabiting Dean.

PLUS S14 E10"Nihilism" They all go to meet Michael at Nakatomi Plaza. Um Die Hard reference much? Only thing is in Die Hard it's in Los Angeles in Supernatural it's in Kansas City of all places. They end up trapping Michael in Dean's mind where there's a running loop of him owning a bar with Pamela Barnes. (Yay! She's back, I always like her.) Sam, Castiel, Jack, and are transported back to the bunker by Billie the reaper. Jack uses all of his powers to fight off Michael's monsters and wears down his soul. Billie shows Dean the only outcome in which he can survive.

MEH S14 E11 "Damaged Goods" Dean goes to visit his mom and on the way runs into Donna. He acts out of character and hugs her. He decides the only way to trap Michael forever is to build a box that will hold even an archangel, hop in it and throw it in the ocean. Meanwhile, Nick/ Lucifer is on a killing spree. Also a prophet gets activated, just like slayers in Buffy.

PLUS S14 E13 "Lebanon" (This is episode 300!!!) Sam and Dean end up finding some occult items including the cigar box of John Wayne Gacy, but also a pearl that grants wishes. Dean uses the pearl in the hopes to get Michael out of his head, but instead summons his dad. His dad comes back and it alters the timeline. They have a nice dinner together as a family, but understand that he can't stay. It's so VERY SAD!

MEH S14 E14 "Ouroboros" This is a monster of the week episode, but Dean gets knocked out and Michael escapes taking over Rowena. She slaughters the hunters in the bunker and Jack uses all the power he can muster to kill Michael and take his grace. This is where the first part of the season ends and it feels like a new one begins.

PLUS S14 E15 "Peace of Mind" Trapped in the 1950s, and a great reference to the movie Scanners with heads exploding. That's all I'm going to say. Predictable, but good episode.

PLUS S14 E16 "Don't Go in the Woods" References to The Lost Boys and Raiders of the Lost Ark ~ fun! (I guess they realize old people like me watch this show.)

MEH S14 E17 "Game Night" Jack kill Nick and accidentally kills Mary! That's a big oops. He's on his own little killing spree. We find out she's happy in heaven with John. Bobby comes back for her funeral.

MEH S14 E19 "Jack in the Box" They try to trap Jack in the box originally intended for Dean. He breaks out.

PLUS S14 E20 "Moriah" Jack places everyone under mind control where they tell the truth. God/ Chuck comes back and tells Sam and Dean that they need to reign Jack in. God gives Dean a gun to kill Jack but it would also kill Dean. When it comes down to it Dean can't, so God kills Jack himself and unleashes the souls of hell to walk the earth. The last scene looks like Night of the Living Dead. Jack is in the empty with Billie and it's hinted at that Jack can save the earth. He's killed enough people to make that possible. Hmmm...