Vicktor was adopted the same day as Ginger (you can read about her here ) and he took a liking to Andrew, my husband, right away. He's a...

Vicktor Frankenstein Kitty

Vicktor was adopted the same day as Ginger (you can read about her here) and he took a liking to Andrew, my husband, right away. He's an all black big-boned chubby bombay cat, twice the size of Ginger with yellow teeth. He was abandoned. I'm guessing it was because he ate the family out of house and home. Vicktor will eat anything, even if it's not food but smells like food. You can ask me about the time he ate a paper towel and basically his butt looked like a tissue dispenser. THAT was an emergency room visit I'd rather forget.

Caught Vicktor eating from a tub of yogurt.

The time Vicktor opened the refrigerator and pulled out all the bread to eat.

He's also an avid sunbather. I think it helps him recharge his appetite. Vicktor finds heat, absorbs it, and then radiates it. If there's a sunny spot anywhere, you can bet Vicktor will be sitting in it and when the sun goes down he'll find a black rug to sit on so no one can find him. Sometimes when Ginger gets cold she walks over and sits on him. It's super cute.

We were originally going to name him Vincent, but Vicktor Frankenstein seemed more fitting. Vicktor is running out of lives and has been pieced together a few times.  A couple years ago his tail started bleeding. He hopped up on the bed and started chewing on the tip of his tail, then it started spraying blood everywhere. It was like a horror movie. I picked him up and threw him in the bathroom, while I went to get his carrier and take him to the vet. He had to have two inches of the tip of his tail removed. To this day we don't know what happened. It's a mystery.

Halloween 2011. I was a witch and Vicktor was my cat familiar.

Why is there an abundance black cats up for adoption all the time? It breaks my heart. Even though Vicktor can be a moody bastard, his fur is as soft as fine silk and he smells amazing. I never really got the attraction to newborn baby smell, but I get the clean kitty smell. It's odd because his breath smells like rotten fish doritos, so you'd think when he cleans his fur it would be foul, but I have to say if I could bottle up his musky scent I'd make a million. Everyone should have a black cat companion, their temperament is curious, loving and warm.

We were lucky to find two cats at the same time that get along.
Here's Ginger and Vicktor in their heated cat bed.

Moral of the story: adopt a shelter pet.


  1. He sounds like such a character! :) I love black kitties.

  2. Haha, Victor sounds fabulous! Such a cutie. I have a black kitty too named James....I should have called him Vlad....he's such a biter! I call him my little vampire...and there's a reason for that. He has extra long fangs more so than my other kitties and one morning he decided to bite my big toe while I was sleeping...not quite the wake up call I wanted. He bit so hard I started bleeding and hence the name, my little vampire! lol... I love him to bits though...he's a sweetheart. #addictedtokitties

    Regina/Margarita Bloom

    1. Ohhh. I'd love your kitty too. They really have their own personalities. Maybe your toes taste good?!