Monday, January 1, 2018

Movie: The Babysitter (2017)

With the New Year upon us, I found myself hibernating because of the frigid temps outside. It was the coldest New Year's Eve on record in Buffalo, NY at a high of 6 degrees. I didn't leave the house, BUT I did watch the Netflix Original movie The Babysitter.


I kept hearing great things about it and at an hour and a half, it's a quick watch. (It was produced by McG the same guy that has worked on the Supernatural TV show forever.) This is a very light and funny horror movie about a 12 year old boy named Cole that still has a babysitter. In the first scene Cole is in the nurses office at school and there's a cat mural on the wall ~ ok I like this movie already.

 Giant cat picture in the school nurses office.

Everything is too good to be true though. Cole's mom is cool, his dad is cool (also played by Ken Marino from The State. I'm not big on watching funny stuff, but I loved The State when it was on TV) and Bee his babysitter is he thinks. On the outside she's pretty and awesome and tough and gives him the best advice for bullies ever ~ "Kick 'em in the dick." Little does he know she's part of a demonic cult and she chose him for his blood!

Cole's best friend, that lives across the street, tells him that he should stay up late and find out what his babysitter does after she tucks him in at night. Cole stays up and watches Bee and friends play spin the bottle, oh and kill one of the "friends" by stabbing him in the head! This was predictable and hilariously bloody. They see that Cole is awake and witnessed everything, so the killers go after him. He hides in the house! If it were me, I'd be running down the street as far away as I could. Why does he stay close to the house? Maybe they couldn't afford a new set, I'm not really sure. The ritual never gets performed because of Cole's interference. This left me wanting a sequel about the cult. Overall it's a fun movie, a little predictable and very light. I give it a 4 out of 5 stabs.

Bee stabs the guy in the head, 
but can we take a minute to check out her sweet cat tattoo?


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