Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ginger Rogers Kitty

After apartment living and not being able to have pets, the first thing my husband, Andrew and I did - after buying a house - was get two cats. It was late in November and we went looking for our new pets. Both came from Petsmart though the SPCA Serving Erie County. We definitely didn't want kittens, since those are easily adopted (because they are SO cute), we wanted older cats, and more importantly we wanted them to pick us. Little did we know our older cats would be super cute too.

The moment I saw Miss Ginger Rogers I knew she was the one - although back then her name was Cinnabun. (What a lame-ass name.) I think it may have made sense because she is a short hair kitty with tabby coloring and a dash of orange ginger cat. I picked her up and she immediately started purring. She's a tiny kitty at 6 lbs soaking wet and incredibly light on her feet, hence Ginger Rogers....or more like a ninja because you don't hear her or see her half the time, but she's there watching and waiting.

Ginger was three years old when she picked me, so she's about 13 now. She's the sweetest cat you could ever meet and is always there to knead and purr right next to you. She'll lure you in with her petite cuteness, but don't be fooled, she's a fighter and will claw your eyes out if necessary. I think it's because she was a stray, she's a hunter. We're lucky to have her in our lives. Bonus: she eats all the bugs in our house.

This would be her self titled album cover ~ Ginger and the Meow Meows.

Stay tuned, I'll be writing about our other cat Vicktor Frankenstein soon enough.


  1. Melt my heart. Love reading this story of how Ginger Rogers came to live with you <3