I was eager to get my July  Glamour Ghoul Box in because it's C lassic Monster themed! You really can't go wrong with the classics...

Glamour Ghoul Classic Horror Box

I was eager to get my July Glamour Ghoul Box in because it's Classic Monster themed! You really can't go wrong with the classics, but I feel that this box wasn't very exciting. Also a friend of mine pointed out that the Glamour Ghoul Batty Box from May that's pictured on their website (pictured below) had a bat pin included in it. What is that little batty pin in the top left?! I didn't get that in my box! *insert sad face*

Included in the July box is...

1. Frankenstein's Monster Art Print from The Risky Rabbit. This is a detailed black and white print that I plan to frame and hang in my Halloween room. Check out their etsy shop for other black and white prints, mugs, and totebags too! This picture was made for Glamour Ghoul, but isn't really exclusive as stated on the back of the picture, it's more like limited edition and can be found here, so if you like it don't miss out!

2. My Pal Monster Pin from Lunar Crypt Co. The one I received was a black and white Wolfman pin and the colored pins were pictured on the Glamour Ghoul facebook page (pictured below). Their post read, "These adorable My Pal Monster pins by Lunar Crypt Co. will be joining all your other classic horror goodies!!! (One random monster pin per box)". I didn't get ANY of those. You can see the difference below. They have tons of colored pins on the Lunar Crypt website though. When I contacted Glamour Ghoul, they said the black and white ones were "exclusive", I kinda like the colored ones better.

3. Dracula Cup from Glam Nerd Customs. This cup was my reason for ordering the box. I thought it was creepy AND practical. I put hot water in it, then cold water in it and still NO color change in the cup. (I only knew it changed color from their facebook post.) I asked them about it and they clarified by saying the water has to be colder than ice water and a certain temperature for the color to change. I felt stupid, but I feel like the instructions should come with it. I tried colder water, and sure enough, it worked.  p.s. I don't think it's worth $12, but I'm enjoying it.

4. Creature From the Black Lagoon button from Bright Bat Designs. I've never seen the creature look so cute!  They included a sticker in the Batty Box for May that was adorable too.

5. "Blackened Beauty" Liquid Lipstick from Beauty Bar Baby ~ nice dark color, goes on matte, but isn't as drying as the Spoiled Lips one that I'm wearing. The package is pretty too.

6. Frankie Dunker from The Mad Bombers ~ packaged well and smells nice. Not sure if I'll use this since I have a blue 1950s bathtub. I'm afraid it might stain it, but a cool idea nonetheless.

As mentioned, I'm wearing the bat necklace from Murderous Jewels and lipstick from Spoiled Lips in "Charmed" from the Glamour Ghoul Batty Box that was delivered in May. Thanks for reading and/or watching, until next time!


  1. Im with u sista, just to cheap for the price tag. Only ordered the batty box and that was enough for me. Looking forward to different boxes from different vendors in the future. Love ur blog. Ooh yea, am I the friend who brought up the pin from batty box ��. Btw with all these boxes going round a local yarn dyer asked me if I'd like to make something for her October box!!! Love Halloween and truly honored to participate. Fluffy u rock

    1. Thanks for loving my blog :) Yes, you are the friend that pointed out the missing pin in the batty box. That's really cool to get included in your own box now! There's more unboxing videos to come...muhahahahaha!