I was really stoked that Glamour Ghoul was having a luna/ moon themed box, but I don't feel like this one was that exciting, blame it o...

Glamour Ghoul Luna Box

I was really stoked that Glamour Ghoul was having a luna/ moon themed box, but I don't feel like this one was that exciting, blame it on my cough and scratchy voice, but this box was not what I was expecting. I think I'm going to take a break from Glamour Ghoul for a while.

They have started a new subscription box that's only $10 and includes 5-6 samples of make up and a small cosmetics bag called the Glamour Ghoul Beauty Bag. If anything I would try that one next because I really like the make up they have included in their boxes. I subscribed to a similar one, ipsy for about a year and I was sick of getting brown eye shadow. I had so much of it, I started giving it away, and that's when I realized it wasn't worth it. I think I might wait to see what's included in the first Beauty Bag and decide after that if I want to order it. Right now you can preorder it until October 1. If it comes with brown eye shadow, I'm done!

Well without further ado here's the Luna unboxing video, I apologize in advance for the coughing. I thought I was going to come back from Salem, MA refreshed, but instead I got the parting gift of a dry allergy cough. :/

Included in the August box is...

1. The first thing I unboxed was this pretty necklace from GoreJess Laboratory. I like that the chain is black and the moon picture will go with my many black and white things, plus it can be dressed up or down! The image reminds me of the original Wolfman movie ~ that makes me happy ~ I love it and I think this was the highlight of the box. (The Bat Bookmark from the Glamour Ghoul Batty Box was from GoreJess Laboratory too, but on their etsy page you can find a good variety of handpainted-horror themed glassware. The artist is really talented.)

2. The next thing was a Pocket Crystal from The Risky Rabbit, not sure why I had such a hard time saying it, maybe it's the DayQuil I took. (The Risky Rabbit had a Frankenstein print in the Glamour Ghoul Classic Horror Box that I really liked.) They are more known for printing on Ts, mugs and posters. This item was not included on the packing list. It's cool that it's a moonstone, I'd be afraid to just throw it in my pocket though ~ it would def get lost. I might just keep it in the plastic and carry it in my purse. Maybe it will help my energy. Can't hurt, right?

3. A tiny Moonchild sticker from Glam Nerd Customs. They have also been included in the last two boxes I received.

4. A moon? more like a pink and white banana keychain from Koffin Co. I'm not going to lie, this was weird. It's called a "Full Moon Keychain" on the packing slip. This is NOT a full moon. It looks like KoffinCo. has some really nice keychains on their etsy page, but this is not one of them. I'm calling this a fail. Maybe they included the moonstone Pocket Crystal because of this sad banana moon?

5. "Moon of My Life" wax melt from MoonBeamsWaxMeltz.com. This is a good size wax melt and it smells nice like vanilla and amber. It looks like their website is closed for right now, but they are planning on doing more collaborations with Glamour Ghoul.

6. Next is a Full Moon soap from Sick Soaps. It looks like they have a large variety of  soap and bath bomb shapes on their etsy page ranging from Disney's Haunted Mansion, to rubber duckies, to Beetlejuice. Pretty cool.

7. Lastly is the Mystic Moon Bubble Bar from Nature's Whimsey . Again I'm afraid to use bath bombs and this bubble bar because I have a refinished blue bathtub and I don't want it to stain my tub. I'm impressed that this is handpainted tough. It's honeysuckle scented. You can purchase it here.

In the video, I'm wearing the bat necklace from Murderous Jewels and lipstick from Spoiled Lips in "Charmed" from the Glamour Ghoul Batty Box that was delivered in May. Spoiled Lips has a monthly lipstick subscription too. You can get 2 or 3 ~ your choice ~ sent to your door monthly. The bright palette I spoke about is available for preorder. It's the limited edition Glamour Ghoul Palette and it's on sale half off right now! Find it here.

I'm also drinking Hellraisin tea from Brutaliteas, maybe it will TAKE MY ALLERGIES TO HELL!