This is a post on Supernatural Seasons 9 & 10. You can read my random thoughts on seasons 1 & 2 here , 3 & 4 here , 5 & 6 h...

I'm Not Afraid Of Commitment (The Supernatural Chronicles): Part 5

This is a post on Supernatural Seasons 9 & 10. You can read my random thoughts on seasons 1 & 2 here, 3 & 4 here, 5 & 6 here, 7 & 8 here.

Opening of season 9 suggests it's all about angels. Many of the episodes have religious overtones. The shower of angels are taking over people's bodies and some are looking for Castiel blaming him for being fallen angels. The season 10 opening is just the opposite with a pentagram and demonic leanings.


Sam is possessed by who they think is Ezekiel, but it's really Gadreel. Crowley gets Gadreel out of Sam, and honestly he really keeps his word for being the King of Hell!

Castiel (Cas) had his grace stolen by Metatron, so his health is failing, but on the upside Metatron winds up in heaven jail. With his grace gone, Cas starts becoming human. It's funny watching him adjust, he slept with a reaper that ended up stabbing him and Zeke brought him back to life in Season 9 episode 3. He works at the corner store and has changed his name to Steve. We even get to meet Cas's real daughter from when he was human, Claire Novak in Season 10 episode 9. She comes back briefly later on and we meet Cas's human wife Amelia too. Since Claire is technically parent-less, because Cas can't take care of her, she gets sent to live with Sheriff Mills for a little bit until she can get her life back. I think this may be a hint at a Sheriff Mills spin-off show. Cas eventually gets his grace back too.

We find out Abaddon was the last Knight of Hell created by Cain and can only be killed with the "first blade". Dean gets the Mark of Cain with the help of Crowley, so now he's the only one able to use the first blade. Dean ends up using the blade to kill Abbadon and Cain! The Mark of Cain that's burned into his arm begins to take over his mind and makes him a killing machine. I think it's perfect for hunting monsters, but Sam and Cas don't want to loose the good Dean in the process. Most of Season 10 is them trying to find a cure for the mark.

Crowley becomes a major player in these two seasons. He even brings back Dean from the brink of death and turns him into a demon. What I don't understand is that if Dean has the anti-possession tattoo, how does Crowley turn him into a demon? Does the mark negate the tattoo? Is it because Crowley is the KING of Hell? With the mark, his body is failing unless he keeps killing with the first blade, he wants to kill Metatron with it. Why don't they let him? In the end, the mark keeps him alive but only as a demon? And it's hinted that he has to keep killing so he doesn't turn into a demon. It's all very convoluted. He ends up killing a bunch of people and can't control his rage, but it's pretty awesome when he takes on the whole mafia-like Styne family in one episode (Season 10 Episode 22). I was cheering. The mark is def taking over because he kills the youngest Styne who is just a kid, and we all know how much the Winchesters always let kids go...even if they are monsters.

We meet Crowley's son and witch mother Rowena, queen of the manipulators. She replaces Abbadon as top redhead. She dresses like Elvira with amazing jewel toned floor length, backless gowns and wears a cape. She's a pretty strong witch and takes on the High Priestess of the Grand Coven and turns her into hamster. (Another Buffy reference when Willow turns Amy into a rat. Just saying.)  I love Rowena especially when she says "The Winchesters" and "Fergus", I could listen to her accent all day. Rowena deciphers an ancient spell to remove the Mark of Cain on dean's arm but in the process unleashes "the Darkness" and that's the end of season 10.

I feel like some of the episodes you can just skip until the meaty part at the end where Sam and Dean are in a constant conflict. Sam is mad that Dean didn't tell him he was possessed by and angel and Dean thinks he's always doing the right thing by saving Sam. They breakup, then they agree to hunt but to keep it strictly as business and not a family thing. That's not going to happen. Then Sam tries to save Dean by working with the baddies to remove the Mark of Cain. It's really like they are dating. They need to get on the same page. I totally understand why there's gay fan fiction about them. (Yes it's a real thing.)

Now the nitty gritty, or highlight reel...

PLUS- Sam is in a coma and Bobby and Death make an appearance in his mind! Love them. Still miss Bobby. Season 9 episode 1 "I Think I'm Going to Like it Here". Sam is taken out of a coma and healed by being possessed by an angel, Ezekiel. Dean hasn't told him. Bobby appears again in Season 10 episode 17 "Inside Man". We find out Bobby is in heaven and escapes to help find Metatron in heaven jail. At the end of the episode angels surround Bobby and the scene ends there. I wonder if they are going to send him to hell? Will he be sent to heaven jail? I want to know what happens to Bobby!

Death is back too in Season 10 episode 23 "Brother's Keeper". He is such a foodie. Dean is trying to stop himself from killing because of the mark and he offers up Sam to Death. Dean is supposed to kill Sam but (of course) kills Death instead! (Not sure if this is a "PLUS" yet, but it was nice to see him enjoying taquitos.)

PLUS- Season 9 episode 4 "Slumber Party" There's a flashback to 1935, Charlie makes an appearance and helps Sam and Dean but ends up taking off with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Game of Thrones references abound!

PLUS- Season 9 episode 7 "Bad Boys" There's a flashback with Dean at 16, as a kid in a boys home for two months. He won awards for being on a wrestling team and we see his first kiss with Robin. (Note the actors playing Sam and Dean as kids look nothing like them!) 

PLUS- Sheriff Mills is back a couple of times! In Season 10 episode 8 "Hibbing 911" we get reminded why she's great, and this episode is basically an intro to her solo series. She even calls out a fat shaming douche. She is awesome and should have her own show.

PLUS- Garth is back in Season 9 Episode 12, "Sharp Teeth". We find out he's married ...and a werewolf! They called him "an Ichabod Crane looking guy", and it's really very accurate. Sam and Dean find out he belongs to a wolf pack, they leave him there living happy. Garth says, "Who cares where happiness comes from?" Man does he have a point.

PLUS- The Ghostfacers are back in the I mean #thinman episode Season 10 episode 15. It's a parody of slenderman phenomenon. These guys are usually the comedy relief and take themselves too seriously, but their relationship parallels Sam and Dean's in many ways.

PLUS- There's nun episodes. In the Season 9 episode 17 "Mother's Little Helper" we can get to see the history of Abbadon and she was a nun! Kinda interesting. Season 10 episode 16 "Paint it Black" Dean gets flirty with a "hot nun". This episode has a wonderful flashback about a 16th century painter and his muse. The old painting is actually really good.

PLUS- The trickster Gabriel is back for a minute even though he's dead... and only a minute.

Same with Tessa the Reaper. She's back for a minute, but she dies.

PLUS- Season 9 episode 22, "Stairway to Heaven" Metatron played by Curtis Armstrong is Booger from Revenge of the Nerds and there's a nice nod to that where he's called a "nerd" in the episode. There's lots of other references in this episode to Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Home Alone, and Star Wars.

PLUS- Fan Fiction episode. They show all the opening sequences thus far. There's a lot of meta episodes and this one is great! It's very funny with Supernatural the Musical being performed at a high school based on the fan fiction that's in the show. A great "break through" moment is when Dean actually stares at the camera. It reminds me of all the John Hughes movies, where the characters acknowledge that there's a camera on them.

PLUS- "Ask Jeeves" Season 10 episode 6 is set up like the board game Clue.

PLUS- Benny is back for a minute in Dean's subconscious. Season 10 episode 20 "Angel Heart".

PLUS- Season 10 Episode 13 "Halt & Catch Fire" references Shocker, Christine, AND The Lawnmower Man!

PLUS/ MINUS- Charlie is back in in Season 10 episode 11 "No Place Like Home". She is torturing people because she's split into good/ bad Charlie. What is it with bad redheads on this show?! We see that Dean has good and bad in him too and he's working through it, but he almost killed Charlie in this episode. She gets more like Willow Rosenberg everytime we see her. Unfortunately she dies at the hands of the (Franken)styne family in Season 10 episode 21. This is incredibly sad since she was such a good character.

MINUS- Kevin dies at the hands of Gadreel in Sam, Season 9 episode 9 "Holy Terror".

MINUS- "The Purge" Season 9 episode 13, I can't watching eating contests they make me want to throw up. It's starts with a hot dog eating contest. (barf) I feel like they are stretching a little bit and running out of ideas for monsters. Let's make one that sucks cellulite out of people. Gross.

MINUS- Season 9 episode 16 "Blade Runners" Snooki/ Nicole Polizzi plays a crossroads demon and she can't act, even if she's only on the screen for five minutes.

MINUS- Season 9 episode 20 "Bloodlines" seems out of place in this season. The Monster Mafia theme is weak and you can skip it. There's one character that's hinted at becoming a future hunter.

PLUS/MINUS- The Season 9 episode 5 "Dog Dean Afternoon" episode is really cute. Dean gets the powers to understand what dogs are saying, but the monster in the episode throws some shelter cats in a bag and then he EATS A CAT AND THEY SHOW IT.Oh hell nah.

There's a lot less blood splatter and now just pools of blood underneath bodies. I'm guessing it's much easier to clean up.

How did Sam break his arm in Season 10? I'm sure he broke it in real life because he has a cast on through the beginning episodes.

I really miss the opening flashbacks and rock music intros. :(