Well I have to say I like the product variety but the quality needs a little help in the Pusheen Box ...actually the Winter Pusheen Box nee...

Spring 2021 Pusheen Box

Well I have to say I like the product variety but the quality needs a little help in the Pusheen Box...actually the Winter Pusheen Box needed some help too. If I get another defect in the next box, I'll probably cancel my subscription! (Said while shaking fist in the air!)

Without further ado, here's the Spring 2021 Box...

As always there's the vinyl figure. This one has an umbrella. I miss the plush dolls.

Baseball cap that says "Breathe". I'm not a baseball cap wearer, but this one is cute. I can use it on my really bad hair days and when I'm working outside. 

Two Pusheen bookmarks. These seem kind of lame/ cheap. I just use random receipts and pieces of paper for bookmarks, but now I can be fancy. 

Compact mirror ~ this mirror is huge and doesn't fit in the side pockets inside my purse. It's a little weird. Definitely NOT "compact"!

Cute metal candle holder. I will def use this, and the Pusheen depicted on the front is adorable.

Floor Mat that has a picture of Pusheen and says "takin it easy". The background ~ I think ~ is supposed to be clouds? but it just looks dirty. I'm going to use this at work in front of the bathroom sink.

Pusheen Tissue Box holder. Now this is a super weird item. I'll have to get a square tissue box to fit it.

A wonderfully practical Pusheen umbrella! Vicktor started chewing on it the minute I set it down! He must smell the fish

Lastly a Pusheen Raincoat. (If you'll notice I'm wearing my Hello Kitty jumper.) Ok this is super cute. The plastic is pretty thin, but I can look past that. The problem is it has snaps at the wrist to make it tighter and the one wrist is missing a snap. Um quality control fail. If you recall in the last box my salt & pepper shakers had two Ps. Not good Pusheen, not good at all. I'm getting disenchanted by this box. Anyway thanks for reading!