Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Spring 2019 Pusheen Box w Special Guest Jodee Bowie

Time is just flying by and here's the next Pusheen unboxing video! Listen to Jodee and I ramble about gumdrops, Happy Death Day, and drink a refreshing libation. (Recipe below.)

1. Pusheen Fanny Pack.

2. Exclusive Plush Pusheen wearing a hoodie. Look at those little arms!!!

3. Roller skating vinyl Pusheen.

4. Pusheen socks.

5. Magnetic key holder. This was a weird one. I feel like it didn't fit the theme.

6. Wooden block calendar.

7. Jump rope. True story: the only time I sprained anything was jump roping as a kid. I was about 10 and sprained my ankle. Never jump roped again.

8. Yoga towel. This is great because I do yoga and don't have one!

9. Windbreaker.

Black Currant Drink recipe from the video:

Blend in a pitcher

1 cup creme de cassis
2 cups lemonade
1 1/2 cups vodka

Fill a glass with ice. Then pour the above mixture over ice filling halfway and top with sparkling plain or lemon water and a lemon wheel.

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Thanks for reading!

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