Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Summer 2018 Pusheen Box

So today I knew I was doing the Pusheen unboxing and was inspired by Hello Kitty. My first cat love. (I know she's not a cat, but a girl dressed as a cat, and that's how I've always been.) Not much has changed.

Here's me at 5 years old in my dance recital.

2017 in an article for Auxiliary Magazine, photo by Jennifer Link.


Watch me unbox things. You can hear Vicktor's cat bell in the background.

1. Paper straws.

2. Pusheen Drink Float. I'll use it in my tiny pool. Lol.

Our pool and our neighbor's pool.

3. Water Bottle.

4. Plush Pusheen with a Life Preserver.

Look at Pusheen!!!

5. Pusheenicorn pot with lid.

6. Tank top.

7. Fan.

You can see past boxes too Fall 2017 Pusheen BoxWinter 2017 Pusheen Box and Spring 2018 Pusheen Box. Thanks for reading and watching!

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