Monday, April 30, 2018

Spring 2018 Pusheen Box

Well it's been a little while since I blogged about unboxing a Pusheen Box. I think this Spring one knocked it out of the ballpark! Everything they included is useful, (except for the vinyl figures, but they are so cute you can't resist their charm.) This box marks the 10th box they have shipped out, and there was a little special prize inside.

Here's my unboxing video. I filmed it after a 12 hour work day, so I'm a little tired, and I say "dingle" more than once. I'm also using the Pusheen Mug from the Winter 2017 box. It's my fav mug and I drink my tea from it almost every night.

The packing list...

1. A Pusheen Tape dispenser. This is coming to work with me.

2. Gold Pusheen Photo Clips. I think these are coming to work with me too.

3. Vinyl Figure.

4. Pusheen Mouse Pad. I need a new one for work, this is purrrrfect.

5. Pencil Case. I plan on using this as a makeup bag.

6. Blanket. This will go nicely with the Pusheen Pillowcase from Fall 2017. Ginger has already claimed it.

7. Stationary Set with Stickers. Always handy to have.

8. Water Bottle. I drink a lot of water.

9. Slippers for my constantly cold feet.

10. Gold Star Pin. Already on my jean jacket! In honor of their 10th box!

Congrats Pusheen on your 10th box!!!

You can watch me unbox the Fall 2017 Pusheen Box and Winter 2017 Pusheen Box too.

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