Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Summer 2019 Pusheen Box

I have to say this was my favorite Pusheen Box yet! I love the usefulness of the Pusheen things included in the box, but I did miss the plush this time. I'd always rather have the plush than the vinyl.

1. Portable salad container. The fork is a little precarious, not sure I'll use the fork.

2. Vinyl Figure.

3. Mini flask Keychain ~ this will not be big enough!!!

4. Notepad. I still have the one from the Fall 2017 Box!

5. Koozies ~ I like that there's a set of 2 and they are double sided!

6. Bandana.

7. Striped long sleeve shirt. I LOVE STRIPES!

8. Photo holder.

This is the photo holder I'm referencing in the video. It's from the Spring 2018 Box.

9. Pool float NOT "Life Preserver." Here's the small pool we have that I mentioned in the video ~ and our neighbor's big pool. Hahahaha.

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Thanks for reading & watching, until next time! p.s. Hug your cats.

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