This past Halloween was certainly different, but still really fun. Halloween is my anniversary and Andrew and I always have a party, except ...

Halloween & Fall 2020 Pusheen Box

This past Halloween was certainly different, but still really fun. Halloween is my anniversary and Andrew and I always have a party, except this year. We have been limiting our exposure to people with the pandemic going on and knew a party would be a bad idea. Andrew works from home and I still go to work BUT my shop ~ Cats Like Us ~ is only open weekends and by appointment. So we are trying to be safe. I thought to myself, "How can I still see friends on Halloween but make it an environment that everyone will be comfortable in?" My result: porch hang out!

We transformed our front porch into a fortune teller carnival car, so we were outside and limiting the amount of people on the porch at a time, they had to wear masks when not drinking tea, and our porch is big enough to distance more than 6 feet. I made an event out of it where a few near and dears could sign up for a 30 min. tea leaf reading by me. (I've only ever read my leaves, so this was really fun. If you know me, you know my love of tea. AND even if you don't know me, you know I've blogged about it several times. lol... Tea Blending Class Brutaliteas Tasting Party The Witches of New York

(Notice the Pusheen tray from the Spring 2020 Pusheen Box holding 
loose tea jars, napkins, hand sanitizer, & spoons.)

Only two other people aside from Andrew and I would be on the porch at the same time. It worked out beautifully. My friends got a reading under the full blue moon and we were able to visit and chat. Bonus: we pulled our costumes from our closet and didn't have to buy anything. 

(Photo credit: Andrea P.)

Because of the outdoor to-do, no one got to see our Halloween tree! Andrew and I have been putting up a Halloween / Christmas tree for years. We usually put it up at the end of October and leave it up through out the Christmas season. It's just easier because we get so busy with our business this time of year we don't have time to put one up in December. So I've included a picture of it so everyone can see.

We added the hanging witch this year.

Now let's get to the unboxing! The theme for the Fall 2020 Pusheen Box is stars and astrology. It matched my Halloween theme perfectly! A couple friends messaged me asking if I had gotten the box yet and I received it 4-5 days after them, so I apologize that this blog is late, my box came late!

Here's the video of the unboxing. I'm wearing the T shirt I bought when I met Lil Bub...Stay Home Bub. I'm getting a lot of use out of it now.

Stellar Face Mask. It feels a little cheap. I don't always do well with eye masks but I'll try again. I don't like things on my face at night, but if I take a nap this might work.

Coasters! I love coasters and I use them all the time. These will live in the TV/ "cat" themed room in my house.

Trinket Jar. This now lives on a shelf in my vintage blue bathroom.

Pillowcases. The print on them feels like it will come off in the wash, but I like that you get two. I've never had a satin pillow case before but I hear that there's lots of benefits to sleeping on one.

Alarm Clock. I've decided that since I already have an alarm clock to wake me up, it would be nice to have a clock in my bathroom. This also lives on a shelf in my blue bathroom.

Pusheen Stardust Night Light. I have one that you can see me holding in my Halloween costume picture. It looks like a crystal ball and projects stars on a timer. I used when I had my friends on my porch at 30 min intervals. It also has different color stars and moons that can rotate. This one is not as advanced. It is very pretty lit up though and has two settings. You can have it project Pusheen Stardust on the ceiling or have it flash back and forth Pusheen Stardust. I like the non-flashy setting. Hopefully my little Ginger won't be terrified of it like she is of my star one. (I mention in the video she has dementia. She's a nervous cat to begin with so flashing lights don't help.)

Vinyl Pusheen on a moon. Meh.

Hanging Wall Art Pusheen. This was a little weird and took me back to grammar school with art project mobiles made of old spoons and straws. Not my favorite item in the box.

Cosmic Blue Velour Hoodie, perfect for lounging around under the Stardust Pusheen light!