Sunday, November 3, 2019

Fall 2019 Pusheen Box

Here's the latest Pusheen Box, it is awesome! The last two fall boxes were autumn themed or spa day themed, and this one is Halloween!!!! (In the video I'm wearing the Pusheen sweatshirt from the Fall 2017 box) You can watch me try to figure out the pouch situation. Lol.

Batty Pusheen Sticky Notepad...and it's huge!

Mini Dustpan and Brush...and the print is on the other side!

Adorable Plush Candy Corn Pusheen...and it's sparkly!


Zombie Vinyl Figure.

Candy Corn Pusheen Storage Container.

Witchy Pusheen Mug...that changes color!

Drawstring Pouch....that you can open up flat to completely see what you have inside!

Pusheen Hoodie...with ears and bat wings! I love that it's longer too!

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Thanks for reading & watching, until next time! Have you hugged your cat today?

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