Monday, June 1, 2020

Spring 2020 Pusheen Box

Well I miss unboxing with my friend Jodee, and with everything going on in the world I'm kinda down in the dumps...but this Pusheen Box was really great. You know how I like useful things, and I plan to use all of it, probably not in the way it was intended. I don't plan to use the vinyl toy, because there is no real use for it...except being a dust collector. I really miss the plush Pusheens, I like them so much better than the vinyls.

Do you miss hearing my voice, or want to see little Ginger sit so close to me she wants to be underneath me? Watch my unboxing video!

So I guess the theme was house plants. I thought it was going to be a tropical/ tiki theme. *shrug*

1. A Wall Hanging. I don't plan to use this as a wall hanging, but I'll use it as a decorative table cloth or possibly a scarf. 

2. Glass bottle with a strainer. I plan to use this for hot and cold tea. It's small but, brews about a normal coffee mug size.

3. An incense dish. I plan to use it for holding my tea bags when I'm done seeping them or for a spoon rest. I think Pusheen's a cutie on this dish.

4. Heating Pad. But it can be used for a cold pack too. I already used it. Stays warm for about 20 minutes. It's a great size, perfect for lower back pain or cramps. Not sure I like the picture on it. Looks a little too 1980s, but I'll still use it.

5. Vinyl Figure. Meh.

6. Notepad. I love their notepads, I use them all the time to make lists. I know how I feel, I feel tired...all the's never ending. I do like the little sloth on it though.

7. Wooden Tray. I plan to lacquer over this so I can use it for drinks etc. It's pretty nice and sturdy too. It will help me organize my tea.

8. Silky Summer Bathrobe. (It's actually polyester.) Super cute and comfy. Now the weather just needs to cooperate.

Thanks for reading and be well!

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