Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Fall 2018 Pusheen Box

This is the latest Pusheen Box. I was hoping for more Fall or Halloween Pusheen cat merchandise, oh well. This one does have a great theme though ~ Sleepy Pusheen cats. I don't know about you, but my cats make me lazy. I'll sit down, and the minute Vicktor or Ginger lays their paws on me I'm asleep. It's like when people say they loose time from alien abductions, I loose time from my cats making me lazy. I swear they do it on purpose.

Here's the unboxing video, and as always a cameo from Vicktor's collar bell and watch me drink tea and try on a bathrobe...

(My Pusheen Mug is from the Winter 2017 Box.)

1. Pusheen Hand Towel. It's a good size for a hand towel with sweet Pusheen pictured sleeping on the front.

3. Pusheen Stress Ball. This cat is bigger than the pumpkin one. Both are coming to work with me!

2. Pusheen Loofah. I don't really use loofahs, but I like the hanging Pusheen bathrobe kitty that's attached. I may just make the little kitty into a keychain.

4.  Vinyl Lazy Pusheen Figure. I love that little *wink*

5. Pusheen Soap or Lotion Dispenser.

6. Toothbrush with cover. Talk about useful!

 7. An EXCLUSIVE Plush Pusheen in a little bathrobe. & 8. A bathrobe for yourself! I love this, it's toasty warm with Pusheens all over. I think we look the same, don't you?

Oh no, Ginger got cozy on me, thanks for reading! Time for zzzzz........

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