Sunday, November 4, 2018

Glamour Ghoul All Hallow's Eve Box

This most recent Glamour Ghoul All Hallow's Eve Box was simple yet fun with useful goodies.

Here's the unboxing video....

There wasn't a packing slip, so I'm not sure where everything is from, but included in the box is...

A coupon code from Mystic Crypt and a vintage Halloween postcard from Fernweh Freya with little black cats!

Grow Your Own Pumpkin.

Pumpkin Stress Ball.

Ritual + Venom Wax Melt Wax of Evocation.

Anita Apothecary Candle in Samhain Spirit. I've been wanting to try these candles for a while now. Glad one was included in this box!

All Hallow's Eve Room Spray & matching sticker.

Chirality Nail Polish in The Devil's Candy. (I have a Chirality Nail Polish from the Glamour Ghoul Beauty Bag November 2017, when they still sold Beauty Bags.)

This is what it looks like on without a color underneath.

Thanks for watching and/ or reading!

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