Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Maneaters: The Ultimate Cat Comic

With the political climate the way it's been going, it's easy ~ as a woman ~ to get discouraged. Some friends I know feel inspired by what's taking place, I on the other hand, feel like just when we have made some strides forward, we fall back even further. It's maddening and surreal.

My business owner friends at Pulp 716 (the comic book shop a hop, skip, and a jump, over the bridge from my store Cats Like Us) relate to my frustration and were kind enough tell me about the comic Maneaters (with glitter cover) from Image Comics when it came out last month.

Check out that shine.

I enjoy comics, but never grew up with them, that being said, in my impressionable years ~ the 1970s ~ I was exposed to superheros everywhere on TV. I love the fantasy aspect of being different and having powers. Even though superheros aren't real (that we know of) it gives me hope that people inherently want to be good citizens and help others. Along with horror and cats, it's another escape for me.

So back to Maneaters...***SPOILER ALERT*** it's about some teen girls turning into large cats during their periods and killing people. Do you blame them? Being a woman can be frustrating, and being a teen too, ugh. Let's just say, I'm happy my teen years are behind me.

The illustrations are great for so many reasons...

There's hidden cats on every page! Check out the first page...

There's a nod to the nerds reading it...

There's subtle references to "simpler" eras in our history. 

The 1980s had Magnum P.I. & Crockett on TV with crimes solved in an hour.

The 1950s had creepy ads with children fake smiling.

This comic also reminds us of the current state of affairs with Pussy Hats and female empowerment T shirts. I'm looking forward to see where the story goes. But really though, I'd love to turn into a giant cat.

Not only can I feel stronger and more confident by wearing my Wonder Woman and Spider Man Underoos, now I can read comics with my matching Maneaters Pin and hope women are finally recognized by everyone as people that deserve respect. Meow meow meow.

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