Monday, July 23, 2018

Labyrinth Glamour Ghoul Box with Jodee Bowie

Last April you may remember our special guest Jodee Bowie and her unboxing of the Curry Creeper Crate that she won. This time she ordered a Labyrinth Glamour Ghoul Box and asked if I wanted to film an unboxing video and come over for dinner. I can't say no to good food. You can watch my rambling, find out what our fav movie scenes are, and watch us sniff things.

Here's the packing slip for the box. Half the stuff was unlabeled, so we refer to this a lot in the video.

1. Bath Bomb from PopNatural. They even have skull shaped ones on their etsy page! It doesn't really look like much.

2. Goblin Fruit Soap from Rebel Rouge Labs. It looks like tie dye and smells great! You can find this on their website along with makeup and skin care products too.

3. Goblin King Perfume from Unofficial Natural Fandom Fragrances. It smells like holiday time. Fall is just around the corner! Doesn't look like much. It looks like this is exclusive to Glamour Ghoul.

4. Adorable sticker from Bright Bat Design. They sells things that are cute and creepy. This is available on their website.

5. Goblin King Decal from Build Your Empire. You can find it in black on their website.

6. Finally there is a mystery magnet.

I'm no stranger to the movie Labyrinth. The first time I saw it, I was babysitting and the little girl asked to watch it. I thought it was ok. My husband ~ on the other hand ~ when he first saw it, was introduced to Jennifer Connelly and found his crush. Needless to say, the year he picked Halloween costumes, this happened...

Both of these were the same year. We had this costume picked but then were invited to a Halloween wedding. I couldn't wear a big puffy white dress to someone else's wedding! That's a faux pas, so I ended up doing the other look. 

Keep an eye on my blog. We have a lot of unboxings coming up and thanks for reading!

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