Sunday, November 11, 2018

Samhain Occult Box

The Occult Box is Creeper Crate's sister box, and this was my first time ordering one. It's the Samhain themed box for Halloween. I LOVE THIS BOX. It just might be my favorite of the boxes so far.

My Halloween is anything but calm. I usually work and it's my wedding anniversary. We have an "open house" with friends and family with appetizers while giving out candy to the Trick or Treaters. Needless to say I'm trying to catch up on my videos and blogs. lol.

You can watch the Occult unboxing video here...Vicktor's collar bell is in full force, and there's a rare appearance from Vincent Price.

Included in the box is...

Samhain Ritual Bath Soak from DeargDue. It smells delicious.

Samhain Candle from DeargDue.

Samhain Ritual Bag.

Season of the Witch Soap from DeargDue.

 Black Sage Smudge Stick. I feel like I can always use one of these.

All Hallow's Cauldron Incense.

Samhain Oil Spray from DeargDue. I like that this is an oil. The scent seems to stay on better.

I did order the Kitchen Witch Occult Box for November, so keep an eye out and thanks for reading!

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