I know this isn't related to cats or horror movies, but you know my love of tea from the Brutaliteas Blog . Well I heard about a tea ble...

Tea Blending Class

I know this isn't related to cats or horror movies, but you know my love of tea from the Brutaliteas Blog. Well I heard about a tea blending class from my friend Andrea. It's where you learn about dried plants and what they can add to your life. At the end of class you make your own tea blend. Afterall, tea is the oldest medicine! I was in 100% and it was informative and educational, and not at all hippy-drippy like I presumed it might be. Honestly, I'm mainly writing this as a reference for myself to use in the future.

This workshop was organized by Reciprocal Roots and The School House Wellness Center which is located in an old single room school house on the outskirts of town. The building was welcoming and bright and they teach yoga, meditation, and tai chi among other things.

Andrea outside The School House Wellness Center.

Inside the center.

Kristin Grohman from Reciprocal Roots taught the class. She's a trained herbalist, mainly focusing on plants as medicine. She brought eight different dried plants to talk about and explained the properties of each, but not before asking, "What was your first plant experience?" Mine was plucking dandelions and popping their "heads" off ~ morbid, I know. It's probably why I have a hard time growing anything, the earth is punishing me. But she also spoke about how plants or their scent remind you of certain people. My grandmother will always be sunflowers or tomato plants, and the smell of hyacinths will always remind me of Easter. So there really is a connection to the energy of plants and people.

The dried plants she choose for the class all have a purpose. My interpretation is a very condensed synopsis of each one.

Ginkgo - It's the oldest tree because of it's resilience. It even survived the bombing of Hiroshima. It's used for memory, nerve damage, and tinnitus.

Rose Petals -  Signifies love for ourselves and others, it's good for your heart and very floral.

Chamomile - It's powerful and has different properties depending on how you brew it. As a cold tea it's a good digestive and as a hot tea it has a calming affect.

Oats - It's good for adrenal fatigue, and the nervous system or if you feel tired all the time.

Nettle - Natural source of energy, it protects and strengthens.

Pomegranate - Can be used as protection, especially for women and children.

Meadowsweet - It's floral and can have the same affect as aspirin.

Then Kristin paused and saved the best for last, her plant ally Tulsi aka Holy Basil. Yes, it's true you can have a plant ally! It's really about what the flower represents to you. It's like your flower best friend. Mine used to be daisies, but I'm pretty sure it's lavender now. I asked her about switching plant allies, and like friends, they can change over time. (Side note: I've gone to the NEOB Lavender Festival two years in a row and it was the highlight of my whole year! I plan to go this year too.)

Tulsi - It's a sacred plant used to center and balance and it opens your heart.

So now it was time to blend our teas...

I choose oats as my base, because as my husband Andrew would say, "Julie Ann hasn't slept in years." I have a hard time unwinding and staying asleep, so I think this was a good choice, I added a little of the rose petals because everyone including me needs to love myself and others more, and finally a little tulsi. Again I need to open my heart and find my center because I'm constantly going and going and going and forgetting to stop and smell the lavender.

Me at the Lavender Festival 2017. My personal heaven.

This class reminded me that it's about the intention you put into everything around you, including tea. Are you feeling thirsty? I know I am, that means it's tea time!