I am a huge fan of The Lost Boys . It was one of my first blogs when I started Fluffy , you can read it  here . I love the story, that it...

Santa Carla Creeper Crate

I am a huge fan of The Lost Boys. It was one of my first blogs when I started Fluffy, you can read it here. I love the story, that it's a horror / comedy, and the stylish 1980s feel of the whole movie. I was really excited when the now defunct Horror Block Box included a Lost Boys T in the May 2017 box, so I wore it in this video to stay in theme. It's no surprise, when I heard Creeper Crate was doing a Santa Carla Box ~ I HAD TO HAVE IT! In the video you can hear Vicktor's bell, see Andrew's blurry finger, and ogle my Halloween tree.

This box included...

1. Star Enamel Pin by Demonic Pinfestation.

 2. Chinese Take Out by Creeper Crate & Demonic Pinfestation that includes a box, chop sticks, and a "Be One of Us" magnet.

 3. "Windex" Body and Room Spray from Dearg Due Bath & Beauty. It smells like flowers.

4. Blood Sucking Brady Bunch decal by Vampyre Coven. (It looks like the website listed for them doesn't work.)

5. Frog Brothers T Shirt by Brett Sailor of Snotty Rockers.

A little disappointed there wasn't any Sexy Sax Man merchandise included in the box.

Reminder: "Listen, just so you know, if you try to stop us, or vamp out in any way, I'll stake you without even thinking twice about it!" ~ Edgar Frog

Thanks for watching and / or reading!

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Update: I made a back patch for my hoodie out of the T shirt!