I drove out to my fav haunt this week ~ The Screening Room ~ to see the movie Extremity , put on by Dread Central . I went in blind, only ...

Movie: Extremity (2018)

I drove out to my fav haunt this week ~ The Screening Room ~ to see the movie Extremity, put on by Dread Central. I went in blind, only watching the trailer. It's about a girl that wants an extreme haunted house experience. I feel like extreme haunted houses are the new "found footage" of horror movies, but I'm keeping an open mind. What do I mean by "extreme"? It's a haunted house where you sign a release form stating that the workers are not responsible if anything bad happens to you and they can touch you, torture you, and test your physical and mental boundaries. Some don't even have safe words or time limits. Don't believe me? Here's a list of places to check out.

Why would I want to do that? I'm already challenged enough by trying to sleep and getting dressed everyday. #truestory #cantsleepclownswilleatme

***Warning Spoilers***

The movie introduces us to a girl named Allison that has to take meds ~ we find out to overcome family trauma at the hands of her alcoholic father. Her father is represented by a monster in her psyche that hoovers over her constantly. She is in and out of a hospital that's trying to help her cope with her past and an attempted suicide. She has a supportive girlfriend that sticks by her side.

Allison researches an extreme haunt called Perdition and feels it will test her limits to the point of nothing being able to hurt her anymore. Her counselor advises against it, but she does it anyway. Perdition is a fully immersive experience that she qualifies for with a background check. I'm not really sure how she passed, but maybe they were specifically looking for someone that was unstable to promote how extreme the place can be. They have cameras everywhere to share it's severe internal tortures online. They ask her about her fears that include winter, claustrophobia, and drowning. The hope was she could be used as a marketing ploy for the facility.

Allison enters a building with another willing victim named Zack. They both get tied up with bags over their heads and taken to the main Perdition facility. All the actors in the haunted house wear masks with voice distortion. I found it hard to understand what they were saying. Eventually they took them off. Along with the actors, there is a Chinese camera guy and host that are interviewing the people behind Perdition for television. They separate Zack and Allison to ~ I'm guessing ~ have their own unique experience. At one point they shoot a dog in front of Allison, but don't worry, they show that it's fake and all special effects. I liked that they had several locations throughout and you saw background of the characters outside of what they were playing at Perdition, not just torture scene after torture scene.

Allison gets broken down, she's tough and angry and she head butts one of the actors. At one point they drive her and Zack out to a snowy field and they make her shoot him. The audience thinks it's real but later we find out that Zack is one of the actors too. After the shooting, they bring her back to the facility, restrain her, and tell her they aren't going to call the police. Then they have her real father there to film her reaction. She gets so enraged she stabs him to death and ends up killing off the workers one by one. If they knew her background, you'd think the workers would have a plan for her attack. Really, do you blame her? That was a low blow bringing her father into the game.

She used Perdition for therapy, but in the process it made her a killer. I give it 3 victims buried alive out of 5.

p.s. I don't even like friends touching me, so there's no way in hell I'm going to pay a stranger in a haunted house to do it. I have so much pent up rage, I'd probably make the workers afraid of me too, but I'd rather torture than kill. I'm a jerk like that.