Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Vincent Price Creeper Crate

AHHHHHHH, I LOVE THIS BOX, maybe as much as I love Vincent Price! The Creeper Crate didn't fail me this time. You can watch my unboxing video below. It was a little hard to film because Vicktor wouldn't stop trying to eat the tissue paper and chew on the box.  No, you aren't hearing things, you can hear his bell throughout the video.

I reference my past blogs Mr. Price & Our Date and Ginger Update & Puzzle Box Creeper Crate.

1. & 2. "The Inventor Patch" & "Vincent Price on Haunted Hill" Pin By Demonic Pinfestation. I love the patch. I think I might make a Vincent Price jacket.

3. Vincent Price Memorium T Shirt by Brett Sailor of Snotty Rockers. I may attempt turning this into a back patch for the jacket I haven't made yet. Lol.

4. Vincent Price Art Print by Little Shop of Gore. I had never heard of them before (ha, I rhymed.) Check out their website for lots of cool horror gift items.

5. Master of Menace Soap by Dearg Due Bath & Body (soap sculpt by Ryan Ward of Little Shop of Gore). It smells so good! I might never use it.

Overall I was impressed by what was included and especially the designs. In the past I received a bust of Vincent Price in my Horror Block Box and it vaguely resembles him, but everything in this box is rendered to look exactly like him! It's so well done. Thank you Creeper Crate for honoring him in the perfect way!!!

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