It's no surprise I like The Exorcist . I dressed up as Regan MacNeil for Halloween in 2013. After seeing the pictures of me as Regan a f...

MacNeil Creeper Crate

It's no surprise I like The Exorcist. I dressed up as Regan MacNeil for Halloween in 2013. After seeing the pictures of me as Regan a friend of mine said, "You look like you smell." what a compliment! When I heard Creeper Crate was doing a MacNeil box, I think ~ if I remember correctly ~ I squealed. I had to have it.....yesterday. I unboxed it the day it came in the mail and I can't wait to share it's innards with you!

Included in the box...

is a cameo from Vicktor (you can hear his cat collar bell throughout), a surprise about our next Creeper Crate unboxing, and if you watch the whole thing there's outtakes at the end. (Also Jamie if you're reading this, include a themed box cutter, so I can get my box open faster. lol.)

1. "Exorcism in Progress" Doorknob Sign by Creeper Crate. This is going to live on my hubby's bathroom door, since it doesn't have a lock. lol.

2. The "Power of Pear Compels You" Bubble Bath Slime from Dearg Due Bath & Body. I've never had bubble bath slime before, let alone Dragonfruit and Pear scented. It smells so fresh!

3. "Exorcist" Loose Eyeshadow by Black Beauty Cosmetics. I'm still learning with loose shadow, but this COLOR! Puke green is my fav next to bright orange. It matches my sweater too.

4. Unholy Body Spray by Dearg Due. Yummy. Smells like Sweet Pea.

5. Captain Howdy Plachette Enamel Pin from Demonic Pinfestation. How fun is this?!

6. Pazuzu Ouija Board by Creeper Crate. This is rests in my Halloween room. Subtle but creepy nonetheless.

This box has been Vicktor Frankenstein approved.

I'm honored to announce that even though I didn't order the next Tim Curry themed Creeper Crate, my friend Jodee Bowie WON IT! We'll be doing a video with her for the next Creeper Crate unboxing, so stay tuned! I have to go now and order the Puzzlebox (Hellraiser) Creeper Crate. Until next time!

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