Today we have a guest appearance by my dear friend Jodee Bowie! She won the Curry Creeper Crate and I asked if I could film her unboxing it...

Curry Creeper Crate with Special Guest Jodee Bowie

Today we have a guest appearance by my dear friend Jodee Bowie! She won the Curry Creeper Crate and I asked if I could film her unboxing it. Being the sweetheart she is, she said, "Yes, and you can come over for dinner!" Who am I to say no? I love food.

We were going to do full on Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes and possibly have outfit changes, it's not like we haven't done it in the past....

(Don't Dream It, Be It. Our friends in group costume 2017. 
I'm Columbia, Jodee is Dr. Scott, and my husband Andrew is Dr. Frank-N-Furter.
Picture taken from The Next Generation Swing Dance.)

BUT with the weather being 30 degrees STILL, both of us were unmotivated. HOWEVER Jodee is an amazing chef and baker and we are still in theme with... Curry food! We ate delicious nibbles including a hummus and veggie tray, Samosa Dumplings (that she turned into egg rolls), Curry Roasted CauliflowerTandoori Chicken Bites and rice. I brought a sour cherry beer, La Roja du Kriek from Jolly Pumpkin, and you guessed it ~ I bought it for the devil cat label. And another friend brought Freak Show wine. It was delicious. The cauliflower was so soft and tasty you could even mash it into a spread.

Veggie tray & Samosa Egg Rolls

Tandoori Chicken Bites, Curry Roasted Cauliflower and rice.

La Roja du Kriek, Sour Amber Ale with Cherry Juice Added.

Ok, now that you're hungry, here's the Curry unboxing video...

Included in the Creeper Crate is...

1.  Beep Beep Richie decal from Creeper Crate.

2. & 3. Sweet Transvestite Body Wash and Don't Dream It Be It Body Lotion from Dearg Due.

4. No Light totebag.

5. A nice and sinister Pennywise Art Print by Drac Makens. This print is available on her website. (And she sells cat toys!)

(There was a note about the necklace not being in the box too.)

After all is said and done, Jodee and I talked about how it was a little disappointing there was nothing from Clue in the box, but I guess that's not creepy enough to be in a Creeper Crate! That's the joy of Tim Curry, he can be funny AND dark. She was happy with the box and I was happy to be with her at the unboxing.

The Dr. Frank-N-Furter print at the beginning of the video is from local artist CJ Szatkowski who is a huge Rocky Horror fan and dressed up like Frank-N-Furter a few years ago. I think at some point everyone I know has dressed up as a character from Rocky Horror!

Thank you Jodee for letting me take over your living room and I'm looking forward to the Puzzlebox (Hellraiser) Box from Creeper Crate!


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