Monday, April 2, 2018

Glamour Ghoul March 2018 Beauty Bag

I try not to buy too much makeup, but I did want to grab the Glamour Ghoul Beauty Bag for March. They offer independent, vegan, and cruelty free makeup! If you are into horror they have a Glamour Ghoul Box that features a particular theme each month. July is Hellraiser and I can't wait! Have a little ghoul at home? They sell Baby Bat and Little Bat boxes too! So really something for everyone.

Here's my unboxing video for March, no cats in this one ~ sorry. We shot it during the day and they were napping. ;)

1. Everything came in a handy-dandy Glamour Ghoul logo mesh zipper top bag.

2. Second a good sized pocket mirror with a planchette picture on the back from Build Your Empire. If you are not familiar with them, I suggest you check them out! They sell lots of Nu Goth items like leggings, dresses, men's and kid's clothing, accessories and housewares.

A very small sampling of other things they sell.. Coffin Decadence Long Sleeve Dress, Red Rum Sweatshirt, Eight Legged & Furry Handbag, and Sister Sinner Pillow.

3. Loose black powder from Black Beauty Cosmetics in "Midnight Black". It's a black matte color inspired by Bob Ross's paint Midnight Black! That's pretty darn cool. When I swatched it, it reminded me of charcoal pencils in art class, it's THAT dark!

They include an ingredients list and seal the color on the inside, 
so it doesn't get all over.

4. Next is a "Lip Crete" from Nightshade Cosmetics in a blue color called "Nightshade". It's blue metallic and waterproof! The color is sheer, but feels very good on. Not drying at all.

Here's a swatch of both...

5. Finally, Holy Grail Sheet Mask from Pop!Natural. I'm excited to try this. I've only ever done a sheet mask once before, and it left my face feeling great for about a day and then it went back to being dry. I hope this one delivers!

Thanks for watching and reading!

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