This is going to sound funny, but I've been blogging less frequently to spend time with my cats Ginger and Vicktor . So the question is...

Stop - Cat Time!

This is going to sound funny, but I've been blogging less frequently to spend time with my cats Ginger and Vicktor. So the question is, how much time should you be spending with your cat? It really varies by cat. I've been finding that as my cats get older, they are needier. Every time I sit down, Ginger has to sit on me, every time I get up Vicktor follows me to the next room. And if I'm at work all day, or in and out of the house running around outside, they get agitated towards me since I'm not home.

Ginger on my lap.

Vicktor laying on me.

You'd think your cat wants to sleep all the time. They can sleep up to 19 hours a day! So why won't they leave me alone? As younger cats they definitely slept this long, but now as grown cats I think they know their time with us is limited. We love them and they love us, so time spent together is precious.

Vicktor & Ginger laying on me.

When they aren't sleeping or on/near/following me, they have "Cat TV" aka windows to look out of, and we hide toys around the house for them to find when we are at work. I'm lucky that Vicktor and Ginger have each other to keep company when my husband and I aren't home. When we are home, we take the time to play with them until they get pooped out, usually about 10 min a day. (Our cats are lazy.) Really you should have interactive play with your cats a couple times a day for about 15 minutes. It will build trust, keep them from getting bored, stimulate them, and can even stop bad behaviors. Another thing to help bond with your cat is you can trim their nails and brush them, Andrew my hubby, is home less, so this responsibility falls on him.

Ginger watching "Cat TV" our neighbor's kitty.

If you have a normal work routine, and are gone everyday, your kitty may be just fine. If you start to notice them going outside the litter box, not grooming, not eating, or being pissy, take some time and spend it with them.

About to go to bed, but Vicktor has to boop me first. You can read about boops here.

Remember, an easy thing like sitting and watching TV with your cat will help them feel included and loved, and vice versa!