I really enjoyed unboxing the Glamour Ghoul Boxes . The owner took a break for a few years ~ my last unboxing was November 2018 ~ but now s...

It's BACCCKKKKKK (& so is Jodee Bowie)! ~ Glamour Ghoul Bat Box

I really enjoyed unboxing the Glamour Ghoul Boxes. The owner took a break for a few years ~ my last unboxing was November 2018 ~ but now she's back! I had to get the inaugural box, AND it's bat themed. Yes, yes I opened a bat themed box before, but really you can't have too many bats! My friend Jodee Bowie joined me for the unboxing. There's a video, but please be gentle, we are way out of practice. A couple of things after watching...

~ I forgot to look at the camera most of the time.

~ Watch the WHOLE thing because I name two giveaways I am doing. One of them starts today 2/10/2022!

~ We learn Jodee likes "sexy" books.

There's quite a lot of products in a small box!

1. Bat zipper bag by Gorejess Labratory. I have a necklace from her too!

2. Bookmark from Little Black Bats. Super nicely packaged.

3. Red bat wing hair clips from Bow So Creepy. She makes earrings too!

4. Bat Sticker. I had to do some digging because I didn't know who it was from. Celestial July Art. It's already stuck to my filing cabinet.

5. Black "Underworld" Liquid Lipstick from Incanto Cosmetics. I put it on my hand and it smudged a little but didn't fully come off for a full day! I'd say that's really impressive.

6. Cute black and white striped soap "It's Fricken Bats" with bats on the top from The Painted Cat. It's nice because it's not overly scented.

7. Bat necklace from Murderous Jewels. It's lightweight and delicate, I can layer it with my other bat necklace from her. 

All in all, I'd say this was a great box. I always like finding new independent small businesses in these boxes. Looking forward to The Crow one in March. Stay tuned and remember it can't rain all the time.

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