This past June I had to prepare my storefront ~  Cats Like Us  ~ to reopen by appointment, so I've been busy doing just that. Sorry I...

Birthday Dress Week!

This past June I had to prepare my storefront ~ Cats Like Us ~ to reopen by appointment, so I've been busy doing just that. Sorry I've been absent. Life is exhausting and changing daily. On the upside, I had my Bday on July 1. parents were trying to be whitty. ;)

Although not horror related, and only sort of cat related let me share with you my birthday week of new dresses. I own A LOT of dresses, it's my business to own them. My clothing shop sells a lot of dresses. I like that you don't have to match a top and a bottom, it's just one piece to wear. That being said, many of the ones I have are from my shop, bought on sale, given to me, or vintage. I have so many because some of them I've had for 20 years ~ I'm not joking ~ I very rarely get rid of clothing unless it's super worn out or really doesn't fit. So I thought I'd share some of the new ones I bought last year and am finally getting to wearing...

(Note: I haven't been wearing lipstick since no one sees it, or rings/ bracelets since I'm constantly washing my hands, or earrings since I lost one while wearing a mask, or doing my hair because I often wear bandanas as a mask, and they mess up my hair, so fancy dress it is!)

Mondays I work in the back office doing accounting, catching up, and stock type things. So I opted for my new Dear Yesterdays Dress. The owner Jessica had an in-store event in our shop last year and I picked this up. So easy to wear and all my favorite colors, orange, lime green, and turquoise!

(I was eating when the picture was taken.)

Tuesday is my first "real" work day when I see customers and I opted for this re-issued Lilly Pulitzer for Target Dress, I bought it last year on sale and had to wait until this summer to pull it out of hiding. If you don't know Lilly, I blogged about her for my shop Julie Ann's Vintage Closet Tour. I've always loved Lilly's bold prints, and since I'm a slob, the colors hide spills nicely. Although shorter than I would normally wear, this dress is perfect for the hot weather, AND it's lined! Necklace was blogged about before for my birthday.

Wednesday, July 1 was my actual birthday and of course I wore a cat print. This is a vintage 1970s Vested Gentress Cat Print Dress. I found it on ebay and fell in love. I've written about the brand before in this blog. They specialized in animal prints and flowers, but I like the cat prints best. This dress is practical with large pockets, it's lined, and of-the-moment with the flouncy ruffle hem.

Thursday was Isaac Mizrahi for Target day. When this dress came out years ago I really wanted it, then they re-issued it with their 20 year anniversary collection last year and I had to have it! Vintage look and pockets is a winning combination in my book.

It's now Friday and I couldn't believe this cat skirt was still hanging on our sale rack at work, so I decided to give it a home. I like the realistic cats, has pockets, and it's Made in the USA! You can shop our Cats Collection now, but be warned things sell quick. As you can imagine, cats are popular!

Saturday was the 4th of July...or as I like to say the 4th of Jul-ie, and I spent the afternoon in my inflatable kiddie pool. Oh and if you were wondering, Sunday is my day of "rest". I tend to be in my PJs most of the day.

Last but not least ~ for the grand finale ~ I want to include my new with matching headband that was made especially for me by my dear friend Coffin Kitsch. It has cats on it!!!! No you can't have it. 

Little Ginger walked over and I don't think she knows what she got herself into!

Thanks for reading and meow.