As a kid I remember seeing Rabid on  Up All Night  on the USA Network and the thing that stuck with me all these years was the girl in the ...

Movie: Rabid (1977)

As a kid I remember seeing Rabid on Up All Night on the USA Network and the thing that stuck with me all these years was the girl in the freezer and it being a bad movie. I'm sure it was heavily edited for TV because Marilyn Chambers ~ the porn star ~ was in it...which means boobs.

With the Soska Sisters putting together a remake of Rabid and the original playing at my favorite haunt The Screening Room, I decided to revisit this David Cronenberg "classic" to see if there was something I missed the first time around. On reflection, it does have a solid story, but I can do without all the boobs and close up nipples. I feel like they are just filler. (Pun intended?) Needs more butts and wieners.


The basic premise is that a couple ~ Rose and Hart ~ get into a motorcycle accident in the country and the closest medical facility to help them is a plastic surgery clinic. There they do some radical skin grafting on Rose to save her. A month later the grafts are going well and Rose wakes up out of a coma only to stab a patient that's trying to calm her down. I should clarify ~ she stabs him with a phallic stinger that protrudes from her vaginal-looking armpit. No I'm not making this up.

Phallic stinger.

She ends up leaving the ward, going on a rampage, killing people and eating them. Rose doesn't know what's going on, all she knows is that she craves people, the city thinks it's a rabies outbreak, and we find out she's leaving a trail of rabid zombies. Rose doesn't realize she's the carrier of the infection because she doesn't have the same symptoms. In an experiment she just takes a little blood from a victim and stays with them to see what happens. He ends up attacking her and she dies, ending the movie.

My conclusion, her victims are easy to find because she's pretty and men can be creeps. The story is solid, needs more explaining though, special effects good, the music is foreboding, and the acting is mediocre. It's an early Cronenberg and I can see where he's going with it. I give it three phallic stingers out of five.

Creeper and her side eyes.

Here's the trailer, it doesn't really give you much to go on and it's not accurate. Lol.