I've been busy with the holidays and feeling overwhelmed. Do you ever feel like you'll never catch up on all the horror movies? Who...

Christmas Movies & a Plethora of T Shirts

I've been busy with the holidays and feeling overwhelmed. Do you ever feel like you'll never catch up on all the horror movies? Who can really? Maybe if you're a career movie-watcher? I will forever be playing catch-up and I've decided that that's a-ok. (btw~ Netflix limits you to 500 DVDs in your queue if you were wondering.) In future blogs, I'll continue to feature older movies.

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was relevant...

I decided to get in the Christmas spirit and catch-up with a couple movies starting with Krampus (2015). Krampus while fitting in the holiday-horror-genre as a "classic", I thought it was just ok. I liked that it had great actors, but the actual Krampus reveal was a little disappointing. I followed it up with A Christmas Horror Story (2015)also made the same year. Not expecting much and kind of being sick of horror anthologies, I was delighted that William Shatner was in it and there was a plot twist ending, not to mention all the gore! I would recommend making it a yearly movie tradition. Finally, I finished with a non-horror holiday movie The Christmas Chronicles (2018). Kurt Russell makes a great Santa, and him singing "It's Christmas Pretty Baby" was cute but the story was a little boring. I guess I like my Santa with more edge and guts...literally.

Speaking of overwhelming, do you find yourself with a ton of T shirts? Just when I think I've downsized I end up with more...and more... and more. I've decided to enjoy some of my T shirts as back patches! Here's what I've been working on. (Some of them you'll remember from unboxing videos.)

I made a Frog Bros. (from The Lost Boys) back patch. If you recall this was a T shirt from the Santa Carla Creeper Crate.  I added it to a bat hoodie I had, and this Christmas I was gifted some Frog Bros pins, so they went on the front! (The pins are from Laser Kitten.)

This Vincent Price jacket came together easily. I used everything from the Vincent Price Creeper Crate. My love of Mr. Price is real.

Last is a really fun cat jean jacket. I haven't made the back patch yet, but I placed it on the back where it will go. I'm a klutz and white Ts and I don't mix, so this just made sense.

Pins are from Pickety Witch, Sweet Heart Pin Up, Laser Kitten, Pusheen Box, Maneaters, and the felt pin and arm patch are from Lumpy Buttons.

Work in progress back patch...

Back patches for all! I've heard some people turn their old Ts into quilts, I'm not sure I can be that crafty. What do you do with yours?