My friend Shannon ~ the talented seamstress and tailor ~ owns Krampus Cuties hair ties. ( Cats Like Us sells a lot of them and you can see...

The Shining Pinup

My friend Shannon ~ the talented seamstress and tailor ~ owns Krampus Cuties hair ties. (Cats Like Us sells a lot of them and you can see exclusive designs here). She chooses really fun prints including cats and horror! I've collected several and what's nice is that they are reversible and adjustable. (I mentioned her in a past blog.)

I'm wearing the "You've got to be kitten" me hair tie 
in this picture, but on the solid side.

Here's my small collection... so far.

When she started making The Shining rug print hair ties I knew I needed a dress. (You might know I'm a fan from this blog post.) The pattern of the rug lends itself to a 1960s design. I just so happen to have a collection of vintage sewing patterns. I always thought I would learn to sew. My mom tried to teach me, I took sewing classes, and yet I have zero percent sewing skills. I asked Shannon ~ if I gave her the pattern ~ if she could make me a dress out of The Shining print? She said, "Yes!". (I made the buttons. At least I'm good for something. lol.)

The Shining print rug is the last one pictured above.
For reference, here's what it looks like in the movie...

Here's the fabric and my dress pattern.

So now I have this amazing reproduction 1960s dress and matching hair tie made of The Shining print rug. What's the best way to show it off? A photo shoot of course! I asked Destiny my friend and neighbor from Sweet Heart Pin Up if she could help me. If you ever want a full pinup experience she is the person to see! She made me feel like a queen on a throne while she applied my makeup. It was so relaxing. I just told her I wanted it to be heavy 1960s makeup and boy did she deliver! Eyelashes here, eyelashes there, eyelashes everywhere!

We watched the movie for inspiration beforehand and Destiny was able to pull props from other sets to fit the theme of The Shining. She has lots of sets in the basement of her studio already set up for pinup shoots. She put a room together just for me! I have to say I was impressed. I'm so lucky to have such talented friends.

Here are some quick behind the scene shots she took with attention to detail.

Key ring is from the Overlook Creeper Crate.

Now for the Photo Shoot...

Here's Ginger and I.

 Here's Vicktor and I.

Kitty paw prints.

Twin Kitties.

Mirror Kitty.

I wanted to keep it kitschy with a 1960s Shining theme and she made my vision a reality. I'm so happy I could make the photo shoot my own. I highly recommend booking with Sweet Heart Pin Up if you are near Buffalo, NY. Destiny is empowering, and fun and real. She made me feel like a million bucks. I'm flattered she said I have the skin of a twenty something. (Little does she know I have the skin of a twenty something in a box on my dresser...muhahaha.....just kidding....or am I?)

Thanks for reading!

~Julie Ann

Photos: Sweet Heart Pin Up
Makeup: Sweet Heart Pin Up
Hair provided by: Sheila "She-Devil" Hellinski
Dress: Krampus Cuties/ Kramp Kouture
Accessories: Cats Like Us
Cats added by: Miranda Knight Creative