Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Movie: Catwalk: Tales From the Cat Show Circuit (2018)

This past week I've been under-the-weather and hermit-ing with it being in the single digits outside. Yay. Buffalo, NY. So I snuggled in the couch with Ginger and watched Catwalk: Tales From the Cat Show Circuit (2018). It's a documentary on Netflix about a friendly rivalry between two cat owners. To most it probably sounds boring, but it was just what I needed to feel a little better.

I've never been to a cat show. I have mixed feelings about pure-bred cats. I've heard so many horror stories about health problems among pure-bred cats, as opposed to all the mixed breed kitties that need FURever homes. I don't think I would ever have a need to get a pure-bred, that being said I love all cats.

Cat shows are primarily beauty contests for pedigree cats and the prize you would want to win is the "Best of Breed" black ribbon. At each show the cats earn points and at the end of the season the cat with the most points is the winner .

Catwalk follows Kim the owner of Bobby a white Turkish Angora Cat and Shirley the owner of Oh La La a orange Persian Cat. Both ladies love their cats, enjoy what they do and are surprisingly supportive of each other throughout the competitions. Their cats go neck and neck the whole season with a few upsets along the way. New cats get introduced like Colin the Norwegian Forest Cat or Mr. Sandman a Himalayan or the one time Bobby coughed up a messy hairball on the judge. As an outsider, it's suspenseful because you want to see who the winner will be.
Kim with Bobby & Shirley with Oh La La.

The documentary introduces you to some of the judges, breeders, and other competitors. I'm surprised at how many cats some of the owners have. We once had four cats and that was a lot. You see where they live, all the cat prize ribbons, and just what goes into caring for a show cat. Shirley washes Oh La La once a week and they include it in the movie. It's so cute!!!

 Oh La La getting a bath.

***Warning Spoiler***

Oh La La ends up being the overall winner for the season at the Canadian Cat Association. They even have a little retirement party for her since Shirley decided her show days were over!

It IS a feel good movie. The only thing that seemed out of place is that they spent a lot of time showing Kim's other hobby ~ scuba diving. In the end I give it 4.5 out of 5 show ribbons.
Here's the trailer...

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