You thought I forgot, but yes I feel like I'm in the home stretch of Supernatural . This blog is about seasons 11 and 12, but you can re...

I'm Not Afraid Of Commitment (The Supernatural Chronicles): Part 6

You thought I forgot, but yes I feel like I'm in the home stretch of Supernatural. This blog is about seasons 11 and 12, but you can read my thoughts on 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8, and 9&10. It's been a long haul and now season 13 is on Netflix and I feel like I'll never get caught up! Until then, you can follow my other ramblings, who knows maybe I'll take up a new series to blog about. (One that's not 13 seasons long!)

I felt season 11 was the weakest of all the seasons, until the very end, that's why it took me so long to get through. (Sorry for the delay in reviewing.) In this season we find "The Darkness" takes over and sweeps Dean away from Sam. We find out The Darkness is a woman that has the Mark Of Cain, therefore has a connection to Dean, but first she turns into a baby named "Amara", then a young girl and Crowley takes her as his own daughter, feeding her souls. Each time she feeds she gets older and is growing at a rapid pace making Crowley uneasy until she becomes a woman again. (Side note: Why did we have to go through her baby phase?) The Darkness is the biggest oldest thing they've ever had to fight and we find out she is the sister to the big G-O-D. Who just happens to be in the form of Chuck the "prophet of God" that we were introduced to a couple years ago.

Chuck aka God and Amara aka The Darkness are brother and sister.

Cas finds Metatron who is living as a human because his grace is gone. Metatron is the one that reveals that The Darkness is God's sister. God aka Chuck recruits Metatron to help edit his Autobiography, and Metatron finds out that he is going to let The Darkness take over his "experiment" aka the earth and everything surrounding it. Metatron ends up getting killed by Amara.

The gang: Dean, Sam, Cas with Lucifer in him, Crowley, and Rowena take the Darkness on a couple of times before they decide to blow her up with a soul bomb that's housed in Dean. God intervenes and both him and The Darkness make up and live happily ever after, but first they remove the bomb from Dean and grant him his deepest wish. The Darkness brings back his mom, Mary Winchester!!!

Yep, that's how the Season 11 ends ~ with Mary back! 
(I love that the same actress plays her.)

Meanwhile, Sam keeps having visions of the cage in hell. It has that Hellraiser feel again. Like when Dean was in hell back in Season 3. Sam ends up confronting Lucifer in his trapped cage, accidentally releasing him and Lucifer takes over Cas' body. Misha Collins that plays Cas is great because he's had a chance to play so many different characters. You can tell when he is someone else even though he looks the same. He takes over different mannerisms really really well. It's fun to watch.

Rowena is still in the picture because she's powerful and still has the Book of the Damned, but it can't help against The Darkness. Oh and her dresses are still stunning.

Just look at that blue dress Rowena is sporting! Sequins and all!

By the end of Season 11, the sun is fading and everyone thinks it's being caused by The Darkness, but she's not doing anything. We find out the Men of Letters London Chapter blames Sam and Dean for the sun fading, and the representative Toni Bevell from London office comes and possibly shoots Sam in the last episode of Season 11. We are left hanging until the next season. Sam could die without knowing that Dean is still alive and his mom is back!

Toni Bevell is a bitch. Here she is shooting Sam.

Season 12 is all about the Men of Letters as per the opening sequence. We find out there is a Men of Letters London Chapterhouse, and Toni feels that Sam and Dean are just as bad as the monsters they hunt. She would be content to kill them. We also meet Mick and Ketch from London. Mick is trying to recruit American hunters to kills monsters their way because they have better technology, but he's having a hard time. Ketch is the guy that kills to clean up loose ends. Mary Winchester starts working for the Men of Letters behind her boys backs, but eventually Sam and Dean agree to work with them. Little do the Winchesters know that the Men of Letters have bugged the bunker. We also find out that since recruitment didn't go as planned, the London Chapter wants to kill ALL the American hunters including Sam and Dean, but not Mary because she is such a skilled fighter. They brainwash Mary into killing the American hunters for them. Eventually she snaps out of it and what's left of the American hunters go in and attack the Men of Letters killing all of them in their hideout.

Lucifer after leaving Cas is now in Vince Vincente, an ageing hair metal rock star, played by Rick Springfield. I was impressed with his acting. (Side note: Rick Springfield was in the pilot of my fav vampire TV show Nick Knight, which turned into Forever Knight.) Then Lucifer enters a priest, then the President of the US. While in the President he has relations with a gal named Kelly and she becomes pregnant with his baby, making the baby a nephilim. She wants to keep the baby. She goes missing and Dagon one of the Princes of Hell, starts taking care of her and hides her from the Winchesters. Kelly tried to kill herself but the baby saves her. (Kinda predictable.)

Cas is also recruited by heaven to kill Kelly's baby, but he can't do it. He knows there can be a better way. At first he wants to take her to heaven killing both of them. Then He has a vision of the future from the baby and hides her away in a remote cottage. Sam and Dean want to cast a spell making her baby normal instead of a nephilim. But everything happens too late.

The last episode of Season 12 is action packed. Sam, Dean, Crowley, and Mary find Cas and pregnant Kelly. Even before her baby is born it opens a rift in space and time that looks like a light up rip. Cas touches it and gets transported to a parallel earth dimension where Bobby is still alive!!!! BUT Sam and Dean were never born.

Gotta love Bobby being back.

In the meantime, Lucifer finds Kelly and Cas too. The team lures Lucifer into the other world hoping to trap him by closing the door to the other dimension. In order to do that, a life must be given and Crowley sacrifices himself! The rift ends up closing but not before Lucifer kills Cas and drags Mary back into the bizarro  dimension. Oh and Kelly has her baby and dies, only it's not a baby but a young man. There's a lot to take in in this episode.

With Mary Winchester back, she's finally the string female character they need. It only took 12 seasons to figure that out! Grrrr argggg.

PLUS- "Baby" Season 11, episode 4 is completely shot from the perspective of the Impala. She actually gets a lot of information and sees s lot. It's just an interesting vantage point.

PLUS- "Plush" Season 11, episode 7. Sheriff Donna returns aka "fat sucking Donna" from a couple season ago. She's great, and a strong female character. She's perfect. This episode is about a vengeful spirit that is attached in old plush costumes. This is totally an episode I would have written. I do a lot of thrift shopping and I can't even imagine what other lives some things may have. The giant furry heads get stuck on the wearer until they kill. The costumes include a bunny, jester, clown, and deer. So many terrifying bunnies. Anya in Buffy (reference) was terrified of bunnies, and all I could think of was the movie Summer School with bunnies or Monty Python with bunnies. I feel like this episode is a legit fear.

PLUS- "Just My Imagination" Season 11, episode 8. We get to see Sam's childhood imaginary friend Sully. I'm a sucker for flashback episodes. I think they round out the characters and you can see how alone Sam is as a child.

PLUS- "The Devil is in the Details" Season 11, episode 10. Lucifer shows more of Sam's life since the beginning of the Supernatural TV show. He's like the ghost of Christmas past. Great recap and flashback.

PLUS- "Into the Mystic" Season 11, episode 11. Dee Wallace Stone guest stars!

PLUS- "Don't You Forget About Me" Season 11, episode 11. Claire, Alex, and Sheriff Mills are back.

PLUS-"Safe House" Season 11, episode 16. Bobby and Rufus are back in a flashback with a parallel story with Sam and Dean.

PLUS- "All in the Family" Season 11, episode 21. Dean and Sam find out Chuck is God and they see Kevin Tran for the last time. (Remember him?) He gets set to heaven, making a new prophet of God Donatello ~ the atheist.

PLUS- "Alpha and Omega" Season 11, episode 23. Billie the reaper gathers enough souls to make a powerful bomb against Amara. They think Amara is killing the sun but the sun is connected to God and God is dying. The perfect song is playing "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying" by Gerry and the Pacemakers.

PLUS- "American Nightmare" Season 12, episode 4. A creepy religious cult family keeps their psychic daughter locked away in the basement and I think this is the first time "stigmata" is mentioned. I find that strange for a supernatural show to finally hit on that.

PLUS- "Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox" Season 12, episode 6. We get a little flashback of Mary Winchester as a hunter and how she influenced a young boy to grow up and become a hunter. We find out Jody Mills had a relationship with him and at his death Mary and Jody finally meet at a gathering of hunters that pay their respects to him. Appropriately "Man in the Box" by Alice in Chains is playing in this episode. I'd say that's a right-on fit for a wake.

PLUS- "First Blood" Season 12, episode 9. Sam and Dean are arrested and in a hidden government facility for what the FBI think is attempted murder of the President. They get out by making a pact with Billie the reaper to pretend they are dead long enough to get them out in exchange for one of the Winchesters to give up their life. Cas find out and kills Billie. It's totally bad ass and his speech after he does it is great.

PLUS-"Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets" Season 12, episode 10. Now we get a Cas flashback when his vessel was a woman. He and his team completed a mission at the turn of the century killing an angel father and daughter. There's a plot twist and again Cas is totally bad ass. The writing is very good in this one.

PLUS-"Regarding Dean" Season 12, episode 11. Dean is cursed by a witch and he begins to loose his memory, the things he says are funny, but it also reminds me of people with alzheimers. Also the cowboy montage at the end of this episode is funny and weird.

PLUS-"Stuck in the Middle" Season 12, episode 12. Has a Reservoir Dogs feel. They end up tacking one of the four yellow eyed Princes of Hell and kill him, but Cas is mortally wounded. Of course he's saved, but it's by Crowley. In this episode we also find out that Lucifer is being held by Crowley back in his older vessel and Mary is working for the Men of Letters but hasn't told Sam or Dean. This was a juicy episode!

PLUS- "Ladies Drink Free" Season 12, episode 16. Claire is back! She gets bit by a werewolf, but is cured. It's nice to see her around.

PLUS- "The British Invasion" Season 12, episode 17. We get to see a flashback of Mick Davies! I love a good flashback. We find out that he had to kill his best friend in school. Just when we start liking him, he's killed by Ketch.

PLUS- "The Memory Remains" Season 12, episode 18. Sam and Dean are sent to hunt Black I man Black Bill. (Way to be demon goat trendy guys.)

PLUS- "Who We Are" Season 12, episode 22. It's the same Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode!!!! Sam makes a speech to the American hunters before they go up against the British Men of Letters, Buffy made basically the same speech to the new slayers when they had to go up against the Hellmouth. Also in this same episode Dean goes into his mother's brainwashed mind and she's stuck in a loop, just like Buffy was stuck in a loop in her mind!

Sam's speech.

Buffy's speech. 
(Only it was better because it was inspiring to real-life women.)

Dean in his mom's mind. 

I couldn't find the exact clip, but here's the trailer. Willow goes inside of Buffy's mind and she sees her as a young girl with her mother and also placing a book on a shelf as an adult. It represents the exact moment that she gave up.

MINUS- "Red Meat" Season 11, episode 17 is really intense. Sam almost dies, Dean commits suicide to make contact with Billie, the reaper and there's werewolves. At this point is seems like  lots of filler of them fighting monsters instead of focusing on finding Cas and catching Amara.

MINUS- "The Foundry" Season 12, episode 3. Enough with kids already. If I hear a baby crying I would just call the police, not barge into a strange house to investigate.

PLUS/ MINUS- "Thin Lizzie" Season 11, episode 5 takes place at the Lizzie Borden House. ONLY IT'S NOT THE LIZZIE BORDEN HOUSE! I was there, I blogged about it. It a nice nod to her, but it looks nothing like the house. I would be offended if I worked there and saw this episode. The brochure that they show is the real deal though. You can read about the episode here. Oh and the actor Finn Wolfhard, from Stranger Things is in this episode.

PLUS/ MINUS- "The One You've Been Waiting For" Season 12, episode 5 is about Nazi necromancers. The son Christoph is born in Buffalo, NY. And at one point Dean says, "Nobody goes to Buffalo". I like that they mentioned Buffalo, but actually a lot of people come here for the art, architecture, and food! End rant.

Thanks for reading! Onward and upward to season 13! Someday I'll get caught up.