I've been sitting home today with a migraine, that hurts so much I can't sleep, so I thought I'd catch up with a movie I've ...

Movie: Raw (2016)

I've been sitting home today with a migraine, that hurts so much I can't sleep, so I thought I'd catch up with a movie I've been meaning to watch for a while...Raw. It kept popping up in top horror movie lists and it's no wonder. I found myself asking wtf throughout...that's a good thing! It has believable characters, a good storyline, and is very gory. I should also mention it's subtitled.

***Warning Spoilers Ahead****

The premise is easy. There's a vegetarian family with two daughters. One, Alex, is already in veterinarian college, the younger daughter, Justine, is being dropped off for her first week there. Coming of age story right?

The school has CRAZY extreme hazing. The newbies are kidnapped and forced to go to an underground party, the next day they have blood thrown on them a la Carrie style and walk around covered in dried on blood, they are encouraged to eat raw animal parts, if not dressed right they have to diaper on the outside of their clothes, and have paint thrown at them. wtf. Um, not my idea of a fun time. I would prob avoid that school if I knew about any of this.

College can be bloody hell.

The important thing to note is that Justine DID eat a raw rabbit's kidney, after watching her sister eat one. It causes her to breakout all over in a red itchy rash. Justine goes to the doctor and she gets cream for it. The doctor then pulls out a cigarette and starts smoking in the hospital room. wtf.

The rash goes away, but she notices she's ravenous for meat and starts eating meat, and raw meat, and her hair. The most disturbing part of the movie for me was when she begins to hack up a hairball. Give me blood and guts any day, but clumped hair in my mouth. That's a nope.

Get this girl some hairball meds.

Justine wants to bond with her sister because she knows there's something different about her especially with her cravings. Alex is mostly annoyed by her, but tries to help her by making her look more sexy. Justine agrees to let Alex wax her lady area. Um, I'm not close with my sister, but is this what close sisters do? wtf. In the process Alex's finger ends up getting lopped off. Justine eats the finger. You read that right. SHE EATS HER SISTERS FINGER!

Finger licking good.

Alex goes to the hospital with Justine where their parents meet them. The parents are strict vegetarians, but the dad smokes. I guess I'm just not used to seeing people smoke in movies like they used to. They of course, can't sew the finger back on because it's gone and they blame their dog.

Alex shows Justine, that she's a cannibal too by running in front of moving cars. wtf. The cars then swerve and hit a tree, and she eats the passengers. Justine doesn't seem that surprised, but she also doesn't want to start eating people. She's trying to control her urges, but ends up self medicating with booze at a party. Her sister finds her at the party and makes a fool of her by taunting her with corpses. Unbeknownst to her the whole thing was filmed. Justine finds out about the public humiliation and fights Alex in the school quad. They end up biting each other.

This is a movie with bite.

The next morning Justine's room mate that she has a crush on is dead. Alex stabbed and ate him. She goes to jail. Once home, mom, dad, and Justine are sitting around the kitchen table. Then wtf plot twist. I won't tell you what it is.

I give this movie 4.5 rabbit kidneys out of 5. Almost every scene has blood or blood stains somewhere, and it's a refreshing visceral take on cannibalism.

Here's the trailer...